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From our genius designer/entrepreneur Shakira Moran, comes an awesome line of graphic tees to go with those swanky sneakers! Check them out at  iamsamcreates.com
This month I was able to see Billy Joel in concert for the first time.  He has a monthly residence at Madison Square Garden.  It was the 29th month he has performed there and it was his 75th total time performing in Madison Square Garden.  The show was sold out. I had  purchased the  tickets in December 2015.  We had seats on the floor about 20 rows in front of the stage. Although I had to look over some heads, I liked the seat I had. The music was amazing and everyone involved put on a great show.
There were many people on stage playing different instruments and it was really cool seeing them perform with Billy. The audience sang along to almost every song. He played many well known songs and some songs that were not as popular. My dad and mom came along with our best friend Peter.  I am very happy about how it turned out and I would love to see him in concert again.  Have  a great weekend, see you in June.   Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of Ripley-Grier owners Patricia and Butch.

May/June 2016
Hey all-
Big shout out to all the TONY winners and noms, especially those we have had the good fortune to host over the years. We hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day, and we wish peace to all of you who have lost someone you love in service to our country.

Oh, and moms? We love you, too! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day. And a NAP, for goodness sake.

Props are due to Venus Suarez, who graduates Monroe College this Spring with her culinary arts degree. Delicious!

We are once again hard at work (although in all honesty, we don't really stop) making our studios the finest in the land. 10F is getting a make-over, and we have a brand new small vocal studio for you on the 17th floor! 17Q will be 8 x 9 feet, and will have a lovely piano and mirrors so you can admire yourself while you sing. You look fabulous, darling.

See you at the shop.


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New York's Premier Rehearsal
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Rick Long
Rick long wants you to have fun. And when a muscle-wrapped former marine wants you to have fun, you
best listen. Dancehall is huge these days, with hip-hop having opened the door a crack, the vibrant, infectious West Indian dance style has swept the country like a tidal wave of swaying hips. "It's everywhere", Long says, "Drake, Bustah Rhymes, Alicia Keys, even Justin Bieber has dancehall beats in their music". Long calls them "feel-good beats". "Even if you don't understand the culture, it still gives you this feeling of fun." As for his personal approach to teaching, apart from the F word, Long says he wants people to be comfortable and enjoy their time, and sweat. "I play music from beginning to end, I don't just work one combination forever. It's like you're at a club or a party." In a final nod to his military past, he promises "I leave no one behind." Classes are Wednesdays at RG520, 7:30-8:30, for just $10.
IG:  Dancehallwhine 
FB: Ricklong
Patricia Ripley: feng shui color chart
Fitness and Feng Shui 

We hit 80 degrees this week, first time in over 6 months.  Whew!  That Winter did not want to leave.   But the Summer will be twice as sweet.  Long Beach is ready for the beach crowds and we are pleased to say we have a few new restaurants to be proud of.  If you want to take a quick trip to the beach consider coming to Long Beach.  I beleive you can get a train/beach pass package and the ride is less than an hour on a great train and a 5 minute walk to a great beach from the train station. The beach is one of the safest on Long Island and we have super lifeguards.   We now have recycle bins at the entrances and outdoor showers.  We have a couple of hotels if you want to stay over, and our own movie theater as well as live bands at some of our restaurant/clubs.  Plenty of sports bars and a Starbucks that serves beer and wine in the eventing.

May 9th I taught my Feng Shui Intro class for the Long Beach Continuing Education program and had a record turnout.  It was my best class ever!  We discussed clutter clearing and the basic Spring cleaning and how important it is to do so.  We did floor plans and I gave out a record number of handouts.  
The key is start slowly, do not try to do it all in one day and be very selective with your choices as to what to keep and what has real value in your life.

We are workiing out in many ways in this fine weather.  Johnny our beagle is now getting ½ hour walks every day (to the donut shop;  we only get one donut).  We are biking on the boardwalk and Butch is now taking my Friday am class regularly and we are playing golf on our day off.  We also work out on the Total Gym we have in the workout/music room at home.  
Tonight four of us are going to see Billy Joel at the Garden.  Jeannie will have a review in her column.

Wishing everyone an active and also restful end of Spring!   On to Summer!  Better and Better, Patricia