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SSFP Assistant Editor Taylor Kilgore Honored with Jefferson Award and Featured in The Capital Times
SSFP Assistant Editor Taylor Kilgore started working at Simpson Street Free Press when she was in the eighth grade at Sennett Middle School. Almost a decade later, Taylor is an adult-age staff member who coordinates book clubs and manages SSFP newsrooms. She works closely with students every day. Recognizing her dedication to academic achievement and the south Madison community, WKOW recently named Taylor a recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Award. You can see the Jefferson Award feature story this Sunday at 10pm on WKOW Ch-27. Taylor also sat down recently for an interview with Amber Walker of The Capital Times. [Read More]
SSFP Math/Physics Club Off to Excellent Start, With Help From UW Physics Department
Reading and writing are foundations of Simpson Street Free Press curriculum. But at SSFP, we also know the importance of quality STEM-field education. SSFP always provides focused, course-specific school support for students in our programs. But we need special help for some of our older students. We decided to reach out to our friends at the UW-Madison Physics Department. So, as part of a joint effort to support STEM learning for SSFP students in grades 6-12, we recently launched the SSFP Math/Physics Club. [Read More]
SSFP to Host “Meet the Writers
Open House” on March 21

SSFP will host a “Meet the Writers Open House” at our South Towne newsroom on Tuesday, March 21 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Come meet our students, see their work, and tour this SSFP newsroom! All are welcome. [ Click Here For More Info ]
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Lauds SSFP for “Innovative Approaches to Science Learning”
For the fifth year in the row, a consortium of scientists is recognizing SSFP for “innovative approaches to science learning.” Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium also publishes work written by Free Press students related to space science and space exploration. [Read More]
Staff Writer Isaiah Valdez Launches New Music Column

What’s new at Simpson Street? Well, as always, many things are new at SSFP. One good example is a column by Isaiah Valdez. This inspired new project covers the ins and outs of the music industry. Isaiah is a staff writer, and now columnist, who writes about fascinating topics including the lives of some of the greatest musicians of all time. [Read More]
Free Press Reporter Interviews Angela Brown, Star of “Charlie Parker’s Yardbird” 
If you’ve never been to the opera before, if you’re a total fanatic, or if you find yourself anywhere in between, “Charlie Parker’s Yardbird” just might be the show for you. SSFP teen editor Leila Fletcher sat down with star of the opera Angela Brown for an exclusive. Read the piece, which includes a review of Madison Opera’s recent production of “Yardbird, here: [Read More]
Amber Walker and Taylor Kilgore to Moderate School Board Forum

Contested races for two Madison School Board seats will be decided in April. Simpson Street Free Press editor, Taylor Kilgore, and Cap Times reporter, Amber Walker, will co-moderate a candidate forum on March 16th. Voters can listen to the candidates, hear their positions, and ask questions from 6:30-8PM at Madison West High School. Ali Muldrow and Kate Toews are seeking seat 6 and Nicki Vander Meulen is challenging incumbent Ed Hughes for seat 7. [Read More]

Young Heroes Marched on Birmingham

by Kadjata Bah, age 11, Simpson Street Free Press

Thousands of black youth marched out of their homes and schools in Birmingham, Alabama, and out onto the streets to protest for their rights, on the morning of May 2, 1963.[Read More]

Wolves Help Maintain Nature's Balance

by Brooklyn Pennie, age 12, James C. Wright Free Press

Some people view wolves as vicious predators but, in reality, their hunting habits actually help preserve nature's order.  [Read More]

Las Adelitas de la Revolución Mexicana

by Izamara Ramirez, age 11, La Prensa

Las Adelitas eran mujeres que participaron en la revolución mexicana. Muchas mujeres fueron acompañadas por sus familias para ayudar en la batalla. Las Adelitas fueron tan valientes como los hombres.   [Leer más]

The Highest of the Irish Kings: Niall of the Nine Hostages

by Katrin Brendemuehl, age 14, Sennett Free Press

One of the most fearsome leaders of the early 5th century was not a war general or a dictator. No, he was the short, illegitimate son of an Irish king. His story is often overlooked in history books and little is known about his personal life, but his legacy lives on along with his name: he is Niall of the Nine Hostages. [Read More]

Solar Power Has Electrified Wisconsin

by Sylvan Bachhuber, age 17, Simpson Street Free Press

Solar power has taken Wisconsin by storm. In 2015, the state’s installed solar capacity grew by 94 percent and powered more than 3,800 homes. As demand for solar panels has risen, so have associated costs.  [Read More]

Fungi are Complex, Multicellular Organisms

by Amie Kabera, age 15, Simpson Street Free Press

Fungi are such unique organisms that they have their own kingdom. Different types of fungi are found throughout the world, in places such as Antarctica, the Amazon Jungle, in the rainforest, the Gobi desert, and even in our own backyards. [Read More]

Karate Originated in the Okinawa Islands

by Kelly Nguyen, age 10, Simpson Street Free Press

What sport helps participants stay strong, win battles, and teaches valuable self- defense? Karate, of course! [Read More]