March 26, 2020
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Join Us for Our Live Streamed Service this Sunday

On Sunday, March 29, at 9:30 AM, we will be streaming our Sunday service via Facebook Live. To join us, go to our Facebook page at the appointed time.

If you would like follow along with the service as it is being streamed, click here for the Sunday bulletin.

How To Watch A Live Stream on Facebook

To find the service live stream, go to the St. Paul’s Facebook Page from your Facebook account ( ). Just before the service starts a message will appear saying “St. Paul’s Key West is Live”. Click on the start button and the service will start streaming.

If you want to be reminded of when church services and other events are being streamed, “Like” the St. Paul’s Key West Facebook page when you visit it. There is an icon with the word "like" and thumbs up symbol for that purpose. That will prompt Facebook to let you know when services and other events are being broadcast.
Did you know that once the live streaming is over you can still watch the service or program? Consider going to the St. Paul’s Key West Facebook page now and checking out last week’s service and Tim’s program from Thursday of this week.
Memorial Garden Open For Individual Prayer
The Memorial Garden is open for private prayer daily. Tim Peterson set up the altar and there are chairs properly distanced from each other. We cannot worship corporately, but you can individually come to St. Paul's and pray. (Please observe proper distancing and do not congregate in groups at this time.)

Senior Warden Notes Ray Warren
The Epistle will be published weekly, at least until the crisis has passed, so that parishioners and friends can stay informed about live stream services and other important information.

If you know of somebody who is not getting The Epistle , please forward this to them. Also, if you or a friend do not get it in your inbox, be sure to check the “spam” or “junk” folders, as some mail programs may divert it there. (Be sure to mark “not spam” if you find it in such a folder.)

Many thanks to those who have been faithful in supporting St. Paul’s during the crisis by mailing in pledges and donations or by donating online. We are ESPECIALLY grateful to the three parishioners who chose to advance their entire yearly pledge early to help with cash flow. That was invaluable.

If you want to pay on your pledge or make a donation, mailed donations should be addressed to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 401 Duval Street, Key West, Florida 33040.

You can donate via the church website at (or simply by clicking here ). Please note that PayPal processes the payments, but you do not need a PayPal account to donate. Anybody with a credit or debit card can use this option. Thank you for those who have utilized the route.

All regular supporters are given credit for tax and pledge purposes. If you want to specify a specific purpose for the support, you can do so when completing the form.

We DO NOT encourage people to leave home to hand deliver checks. But if you live or are otherwise in the vicinity of St. Paul’s (perhaps to visit Fausto’s grocery, for example) you can also drop checks in the drop box by the church office door. This box is checked daily.
Monroe County No Entry Rules
For those not currently on the island, please note that Monroe County will be instituting a checkpoint in the upper Keys this weekend (and thereafter) to prevent nonresidents from driving down via US 1 . If you plan to use the highway to return from the mainland, be sure to have evidence of either your residency or property ownership with you.
Know Your History

Did you know that both of the hurricanes that destroyed past St. Paul's church buildings (in 1846 and 1909) happened on October 11th? Let us all pray for safe passage through this year's hurricane season!
Sunday school, 9:30 AM, Holy Innocents Hall, Upstairs (Canceled until further notice)
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