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August 2012   

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Test Drive a Greyhound
Test Drive a Greyhound ~ Become a TAGS Foster
TAGS has an immediate need for foster homes!

TAGS may receive two more dogs this week (yes Baby is finally arriving!) and we have spoken for two more which could turn into three.  Due to the outstanding job all the volunteers in the TAGS family do, our reputation continues to spread and we are beginning to work with owners and breeders unfamiliar to TAGS who want to give us their dogs.  Fortunately they are also willing to keep them until we have a foster home for them.  Although this is absolutely wonderful news, unfortunately TAGS has depleted our number of foster homes without cats.  So if any of these new dogs are not cat trainable, and we never know until they arrive, we have to ask (actually plead) fosters if they are willing to take another dog.  So TAGS needs foster homes without cats NOW!  (Of course TAGS always needs good foster homes with or without cats.)

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If you will foster or know someone who will, please touch base with us quickly.  Perhaps someone you know has shown an interest in the Greyhound breed or was curious how fostering worked.  Please share the Greyhound story and how much joy and love fills our hearts by fostering these wonderful Greyhounds.


2011 dog pictures 2


Summer / Back to School

TAGS hopes everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool.  It appears it is about that time of year when the kiddos and parents ready themselves for another school year; for the Texas Rangers and fans to get excited for another World Series run; for the Dallas Cowboys to put last year's season behind them and get ready to make a serious run for the Super Bowl beginning with a big ol' Texas thumpin' of the New York Giants September 5th.  The Giants cost us a playoff run last year and it is time for payback (our apologies ahead of time if you are a Giants fan).  Although it is a busy time of the year for many we hope you will continue to come to the Meet and Greets and by all means bring your Greys.  


TAGS Adoptions and Goals  

2012 Goals with picture
TAGS is excited to let you know that thus far for this year TAGS has surpassed the number of adoptions from last year and looks like 2012 will be another record year.  In a few days, August 18th, TAGS will begin its fourth year of operation.  What an exciting time for all the TAGS family!  None of what TAGS has been able to achieve for the retired Greyhounds would have been possible without the TAGS' family.


We will bring you an update before long and in the meantime don't forget to visit the TAGS website for the latest goings on.  TAGS has new Meet and Greet locations, a new video posted on our Facebook page, new post adoption photos, and videos of the last lure coursing event on the TAGS Tales pages.  We hope to have another lure coursing event in the fall so be sure to check back for the details.

We are still working on TAGS' 2012 goals which are (1) more volunteers; (2) more foster homes; (3) more donations, including matching donations from employers; and (4) THE BEST YEAR POSSIBLE FOR THE TAGS FAMILY!!!

Thank you for your continued support and for all you do,
The TAGS Board of Directors

Texas Adopt a Greyhound Society, Inc.

PO Box 703782, Dallas, TX  75370-3782


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