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Meet the Pollars!!
First, I would like to thank God, Mrs. Ballard, staff and volunteers for being there for us.  My name is Elaine Pollar and my husband's name Harlow Pollar.  He is my complete Caregiver.  We are from New Orleans Louisiana and God sent me to Houston to get my heart transplant.  I know it was not a mistake that I came to Houston for treatment we have taken under our wing another family while here.  Jacinda is here with her two sons.  She isn't able to do much for herself.  So, Mr. Pollar and I are helping them out to make sure they are eating, cared for and prayed over.  I'm so grateful that though I'm here for a transplant, God is enabling me to care for others.  Thank you to The Ballard House from all of us.
                                                                                                                                                With love,
                                                                                                                                                Mr & Mrs Pollar

Congratulations to Jacob Ballard who completed his Eagle Scout project at The Ballard House. He made pictures with inspirational quotes for each of the guest suites!  

A huge "Thank you!" to Texas Fit Chicks for their support! 

Meet Johnnie Ware!
Born in Cuba, Alabama, Johnnie grew up in Bessemer, Alabama; later married an Air Force Serviceman and relocated to Omaha, Nebraska; spent several years in Chicksands, England with family before returning to San Antonio, Texas.

"I developed a passion for helping the poor and under- served children, the elderly and many others that seemed hopeless throughout many communities since early in life. My passion for serving and helping the poor and needy grew because of my own experience of living in poverty while growing up in Alabama with no hope of doing better for my life only a dream .While helping others who lived in poverty simultaneously helped me and my family. Through it all, God gave me strength, courage, and hope for a better life so that I would be able to serve others." 

"Becoming and being a team member at the "The Ballard House" was far from anything I could have imagined.  Of course, being a vessel that God can use, I believe my God given purpose is being fulfilled. I give God the Glory for allowing me to serve all who come to the Ballard House and beyond."

This picture speaks volumes! Animals are so healing. Thank you so much to our volunteer, Valerie, who brought Lexi to see 4 year old JJ the day before his surgery! 
The surgery went well, and they are waiting to bring him back to The Ballard House. Go JJ!! We are so proud of you, and can't wait to have you back!!

"Strength in My Storm" 
"Strength in My Storm" is a beautiful book on Faith and Breast Cancer, written by Michelle Perzan.  Michelle is donating a portion of the proceeds to The Ballard House! 
 We appreciate everyone who has generously supported The Ballard House!

  We are so grateful for your continued support through Adopt a Day, Naming Rights, Donations and Volunteering!
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