APRIL 2021
The Columbia and Snake Rivers dominate the top news this month but TCA is working far and wide to protect and restore wild salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest

Congressman Simpson’s Dam Removal Proposal: A Trojan Horse on the Columbia and Snake Rivers or a holistic Vision for Wild salmon and Steelhead?

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Congressman Earl Blumenauer will sit down with Congressman Simpson from Idaho to discuss Simpson's Columbia-Snake Salmon Recovery Concept on Monday May 3, 2021 at 5:30 PM.

Please join in to express your concerns about the citizen access to the courts and giving private dams and agricultural operations extensive exemptions while avoiding reforms to benefit wild fish and clean water.

Here is Congressman Blumenauer's Letter of Invitation.

Sign up before 5 PM on Monday to add your questions and concerns for this important wild salmon and water quality event!
Wild steelhead forecast is bleak and there will be added fishery pressure from slightly better summer and fall salmon forecasts.

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Salmon have shrunk so much, Whole Foods redid their guidelines.
Read more about how marine webs and commercial harvest affects not only fish numbers but their size - which affects almost everything in the broad wild salmon life cycle here.
President Biden announces 12 key climate and infrastructure administration nominations, including Rick Spinrad from Oregon State University to lead NOAA.

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President Biden's American Jobs Plan proposes to update, repair and build critical infrastructure for the next century - the summary is here.
The new Osprey has arrived!

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Is Bitcoin bad for the environment?

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Environmental groups file lawsuit to stop post-fire logging in Santiam State Forest.

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Amidst severe drought, Feds approve water releases for Klamath River salmon and steelhead on Oregon, California border.

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Reimagining the Terminator Scenes: Endangered trout may soon return to the Los Angeles River.

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The Conservation Angler is a member of the newly formed North Umpqua Coalition - convened to work towards a resilient and sustainable wild steelhead future for the North Umpqua River.

The Coalition was selected as the 2021 recipient of the Keith Hansen Memorial Conservation Grant by the Flyfishers' Club of Oregon and the Flyfishers' Foundation.

The Flyfishers' Club of Oregon's annual auction will be a virtual event which should enable broader participation from far and wide and allow participation over 7 days.

TCA hopes you will register for this fundraising event that is focused on North Umpqua wild steelhead. Any contribution will support the Coalition's work. Come join us in support of this important work.

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Pete Soverel, David Moskowitz, Sarah MacKenzie Lonigro and Jim Myron