Welcome to the June 2019 edition of News from the Forest

MECOP Intern 2019: Buckeye Born, Duck Raised, Beaver for Life!
Nick Eichner is this year's MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative) intern at Silicon Forest Electronics.  

Click HERE to learn more about Nick's internship at SFE! 
Employee Spotlight: Peter Wong 

Peter just completed 20 years at Silicon Forest Electronics!
Peter is a Manufacturing Systems Engineer and a member of the SFE Executive Staff.   When asked "what changes have you seen in electronics manufacturing in the past 20 years?"..... Peter says "either my eyesight is getting worse or the parts are getting much smaller!"

Peter is a "lifelong" hockey player and enjoys league volleyball and golf.   He has also enjoyed watching the children of co-workers grow up to be adults!
We are fortunate to have Peter on the Silicon Forest Electronics team for over two decades! 
Field Report: Space Tech Expo 2019    
Senior Sales Engineer Mike Griffin attended the Space Tech Expo USA last month in Pasadena, California.  
Click HERE to read Mike's observations along with trends garnered from speakers and panel discussions. 
Register NOW for the Annual SFE Golf Tourney! 
The 2019 SFE Benefit Golf Tournament will be held on September 13 at the beautiful Lewis River Golf Club in Woodland, WA.  Proceeds from this year's event will benefit "The Giving Closet". Click HERE for registration and event info! 
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