Welcome to our May eBrief 
 of News From The Forest!

Jay's Journal: Building the "Box" at SFE
At Silicon Forest Electronics, we often hear the term "board house" about our operations, implying that we only build circuit board assemblies... but we are far more diverse than that!   One of our primary capabilities is "box build". One might ask, "Jay, when you say 'Box Build'... are you really building boxes?"
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Employee Spotlight: Noy Pisaygnane
The May Employee Spotlight shines brightly on Noy Pisaygnane, who has completed over 20 YEARS of service at Silicon Forest Electronics!
Noy is a highly skilled Quality Assurance Inspector.   When she is not inspecting complex circuit board assemblies at SFE, she enjoys cooking big meals with her family.  
CEO Frank Nichols said, "Noy was part of our start-up staff and has grown with SFE over the last 20 years and has been a significant contributor to SFE's success. She brings professionalism and dedication to SFE, and her attitude sets an example for the rest of us to follow. Congratulations to 20 years of service!"
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