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Central Rappahannock Heritage Center 
A place that loses its history loses its soul
Message From The Chairman
As of December 1, The Heritage Center welcomes two new members to the Board of Directors who will begin their first year of a three year term: Mary West Rumora and Barbara Barrett.  We appreciate their willingness to serve and look forward to their participation and fresh perspective.  Mary has been a long time volunteer at the Center and she will be a welcome addition to the Board.  And, as many of you know, Barbara has previously served two terms on the Board; three years as a Director and three years as Board Chairman. I'm happy to announce that she has agreed to once again accept the position of Board Chairman for 2019.
A heartfelt thank you, from the Board and Center staff, to outgoing Board member Bev Newlin.  Bev, we all appreciate your valuable input to the Board and hope that you won't be a stranger at The Center now that your duties as a Director have come to an end.  And it is with regret that we say good bye to E. Gerald "G" Brown, who will be unable to continue as a Director.  "G", your contributions, especially to the success of the recent Repast, are very much appreciated.
I'd also like to acknowledge the many years of service that Barbara Segar has devoted to The Center and to thank her for her role as Membership Committee Chairman.  Barbara has decided it is time to "pass the baton" to Amy Olney.
As my three year term as Board Chairman has come to an end, I'd like to thank all of my fellow Directors, past and present, for their dedication and service to the Board and for their help in allowing me to fulfill my duties as Chairman.  I know that as I pass this leadership role back to Barbara, The Center will be extremely well served.
As always, I would like to thank you, our devoted members and volunteers, for your continued dedication to, and support of, The Heritage Center and its mission to preserve this region's rich history.  Without you, The Center would not have achieved the success it has had over the years.  
Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season!
Meredith Beckett, Outgoing Chairman
The Heritage Center 
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The Center currently has a staff of 53 volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at The Center, please email Donna McCague.

Message From The Treasurer
Increase the tax benefits of your contribution by donating appreciated securities directly to charity or by sending your Required Minimum Distributions from IRA accounts directly to charity.
When appreciated stocks or mutual funds held for more than a year are donated to the Heritage Center or another public charity, the donor enjoys an income tax charitable deduction for the asset's full fair market value and avoids tax on the capital gain.
Consider this example:
Original cost of your investment is $5,000 and today is worth $10,000.
If you donate the investment directly to a public charity you receive a tax deduction for $10,000 and report no capital gains on your tax return.
If you donate cash to a public charity and personally sell the investment for cash needs you still get the $10,000 deduction but must pay tax on the capital gain of $5,000 which would be around $1,000, dependent on your tax bracket.
If you are 70 ½ or older, you also could make a Qualified Charitable Contributions (QCD) from your IRA account.
A QCD permits a direct transfer to a qualified charity of tax deferred IRA savings. QCDs offer advantages over taking a taxable distribution and then contributing the proceeds because the IRA distribution does not get included in one's adjusted gross income. Taxability of Social Security benefits, as an example, are based on your adjusted gross income as well as medical expense deductions and Medicare insurance premium amounts. With a lower adjusted gross income you have an advantage in reducing income taxes with QCDs.
And maybe most importantly, QCDs qualify as satisfying Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) obligations. For an IRA owner that doesn't need their RMD to live on for cash flow, they can be sent directly to a public charity and avoid being included in adjusted gross income.
To be eligible your IRA administrator must make the distribution payable directly to the Central Rappahannock Heritage Center or other public charity of your choice.
If you wish to utilize either of these tax advantaged gifting strategies please contact our Treasurer, Daniel J. Bender at dbender@pbmares.com , (540) 371-3566.
Daniel J. Bender, Treasurer
CRHC Board of Directors  

A Mystery in the Confederate Cemetery    

For researchers and historians, cemeteries hold troves of information - names, birth and death dates, spouses, parents' names and even places of birth and death.  The older the cemetery, often, the more information.  Unfortunately, there is also misinformation, partial information, illegible markers and misspellings.

The Ladies Memorial Association (LMA), established in Fredericksburg in 1866, is conducting an inventory, or census of the Confederate Cemetery.  The purpose is to update the records made by the late Robert Hodge in the 1970s.  Mr. Hodge, a Fredericksburg teacher, used his spare time to index local newspapers and document local cemeteries.  For years, people have relied on Hodge's diligent work.  Since Mr. Hodge moved from Fredericksburg in the early 1990s, the cemetery records have been updated sporadically.  This latest undertaking is more comprehensive.  Members of the LMA are also identifying markers that are damaged, illegible, incorrect or just need cleaning (to be done very carefully). 

In Section 2, there is a large, elaborate marker in lot 25 with the name, James W. Redwood.  Mr. Redwood was born, according to the marker in 1846 and died in 1871, just 25 years old.  The marker is massive; like a large bathtub with a cross at one end and a slab at the other end that says "Willie Redwood."  The base of the cross has "Erected by his wife Maude, To my husband Willie, and Ah mia Dolores." 


A search of the LMA records, held by the Heritage Center, provides no further information.  Was Redwood a local resident, why is he buried in the Confederate Cemetery, what happened to Maude (she isn't buried with him)?  After consulting several other sources, a dead end.  The Calhoun family is also buried in Lot 25, but there seems to be no connection.  The earliest a Calhoun was buried was in 1953, 82 years after Willie.

The search continues. Perhaps other records at the Center will reveal more about James W. Redwood.

Beth Daly
Volunteer, The Heritage Center

Newly Acquired Collections

   Acquired collections for the month include: 
  •  A series of aerial photographs of Stafford County

John Reifenberg
Collections Manager, The Heritage Center  
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The Haney family, Spotsylvania County; Undated 
The Cooper Collection

From left to right:  Albert Haney, Barbara Haney Faulkner, Fannie Haney, Sophie Foster Haney, Emma Haney Russell

Thank you to Barbara Haney Faulkner and Pat Sullivan for their help identifying the people in this photograph.


Ceremony for transfer of Stafford County short link to RF&P Railroad;  December 17, 1964
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The Circle Unbroken: Civil War Letters of the Knox Family of Fredericksburg  
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Daisy Turner's Kin
An African American Family Saga
Jane C. Beck 
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