October 24, 2018

Falcon Scotts Valley High School Administration

News From the Nest 
SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL-PARENT SURVEY                             
SVUSD is partnering with the City of Scotts Valley,   Ecology Action and the County Health Department to develop a Safe Routes to Schools Plan for all SVUSD schools. The Plan will identify barriers to students walking and biking to school safely, list of possible solutions, and help guide future transportation investments around schools.
Please complete the 5-minute survey at the link below to tell us how your student gets to school and share any transportation issues or obstacles your student faces.  This data is critical to help us address safety issues around schools.

Thank you for your participation!



Cabrillo's College & Career Night 
 Monday, October 29
6-8 p.m. at Cabrillo College!

Come meet representatives from Cabrillo's two-year, transfer-bound, and technical programs, as well as 50+ colleges and universities in the Western U.S.

Not sure how you will pay for college? Financial Aid staff will be available to speak about available scholarships and grants.

For further details, go to Cabrillo's College & Career Night 2018
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Attendance Matters
ATTENTION JUNIORS & SENIORS!                             
Upcoming College Visits

This is just a sampling. Please go on to your Naviance account to see a full list. New visits are added regularly.


> University of Oregon

   10/29, 9am


> University of San Diego

   10/29, 12pm


All visits are held in the College & Career Center.

Please contact Amy Paul with any questions

The all night celebration will be aboard the California Hornblower Yacht located at Pier 3 in San Francisco the evening of Wednesday, June 6th, 2019.
Graduates and their chaperones will travel by chartered bus (no other transportation will be allowed) from SVHS to San Francisco where they will board the yacht for a midnight cruise on the San Francisco Bay from 12 am to approximately 4 am.
The ticket price per student is $160.  Below is a grad night sign-up form.  If you have any questions, contact Grad Night Chair Kathy Hormel at
The SVHS School Advisory Council (SAC) is seeking a new Community representative. The SAC committee has several goals. The first is to convey information about school programs to parents, students and the larger community. Just as importantly, we ask the committee for their input on improving school programs or even creating new programs. If you'd care to read our meeting minutes, you can find them posted on the SVHS website.
We currently have an opening for a Community representative.   This position is meant to be held by an adult in the larger Scotts Valley community who is neither parent nor staff. It could be a parent of a graduated student, a parent of an elementary or middle school student, or even someone with no direct connection to the schools such as a service club member or business owner. All we ask is that our Community member have an interest in improving SVHS and the ability to attend six late-afternoon meetings a year.
If you know of someone who might be interested, please have them contact John Postovit at jpostovit@scottsvalleyusd.org



Need a peaceful and guided time/place to work on your applications? SVHS Counselors will be hosting four college application workshops. Ask questions and get one-on-one support! We can help with UC, CSU, Common App, Community College, and Unique (out of state). Bring your laptop or use a SVHS Chrome Book. Snacks will be provided!

Please note that we are starting the workshops at the beginning of 6th or 7th period (depending on the day). They will continue after school and end based on student attendance. If you have a free 6th or 7th period, you are welcome to join us early. Feel free to come and go depending on your individual schedule.
  • Monday, 10/29 @1:11pm Room C702 (Root)
  • Tuesday 11/6 @1:36pm Room C702 (Root)
  • Monday 11/26 @1:36pm Room C702 (Root)
  • Tuesday 11/27@1:36pm Room C702 (Root)
Author Markus Zusak in Santa Cruz
Many SVHS students read  The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak as part of their English curriculum.
This award winning author has finally published a new book and will be doing a book talk and signing on October 25th in Santa Cruz. Enjoy a fun night and inspire intriguing conversation with your teenager.

The Gabriella's Snow Day event needs student volunteers. It will be held on Saturday, 12/1/18, from 12 to 4 pm at Sky Park in Scotts Valley.

This charity event benefits Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation's mission of supporting newly diagnosed families of childhood cancer with our Hope Tote program and funding research for pediatric cancer.  

Over the course of this school year, student art will be shown throughout Santa Cruz county.
The following is a list of where student work is currently being displayed:
  • SVHS Library- Social justice posters
  • SVHS Administration Entrance- Portfolio Covers from Art 1
  • SVUSD office- Portfolio covers from Art 1
  • Palace Art Supply - window leading into Regal Cinema, 'Illusions of Depth Landscapes' from Honors Art 2
ATTENDANCE MATTERS                             
> When a student misses a class they miss out on high quality instruction.  Assignments can be made up, but the learning experience cannot.

> Family vacations and business are  not  excused absences by CA Education Code.  Students missing 3 or more days due to these reasons will be considered truant.

> Every day a student is absent from school, for any reason including illness, the district looses $50 of revenue, but we still have the same costs. This accumulates district-wide to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please consider donating to our absence fund  when your child misses school.