September 25, 2018

Falcon Scotts Valley High School Administration

News From the Nest 

On Tuesday, October 2nd, at 10:30 am, Scotts Valley High School, in coordination with Scotts Valley Police Department and Scotts Valley Fire Department, will be conducting a Code Red training drill.  

During this drill, classrooms will go on lockdown and simulate a response to an on campus active shooting event. We are notifying students and parents ahead of time to reduce anxiety and allow for a calm setting for rational thought.  Please know that while law enforcement will be on campus they will not have weapons drawn at any time.  We expect the drill will last no more than 20 minutes.


In order to ensure equal access to education for all local students, Cabrillo College is providing a free, first year of tuition to any graduating senior from the Cabrillo College District services area. The Cabrillo College Promise eliminates financial barriers to higher education, making a college degree a reality.

Check out the link above for more detailed information about the program including steps to qualify. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you,
SVHS Counseling Department 
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2018 Grad Night
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IB Grade 10 Parent Night
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FROM THE LIBRARY                  
Thank you to the families that donated to the library at Back to School Night! Every little bit makes a difference.

Do you know what book your student is reading for English? If not, ask.  If you have the time, read it too. Discuss the characters and conflicts within the story. Make a connection over books.

Many English classes are involved with the PBS Great American Read. Some students have chosen GAR books for their personal reading books. Try to encourage your student by watching the new episodes of Great American Read with them. Vote for your favorite book at 
2018 GRAD NIGHT                      
2018 Seniors!

Have you submitted your forms and signed-up for GRAD NIGHT?

The all night celebration will be aboard the California Hornblower Yacht located at Pier 3 in San Francisco the evening of Wednesday, June 6th, 2018.
Graduates and their chaperones will travel by chartered bus (no other transportation will be allowed) from SVHS to San Francisco where you will board the yacht for a midnight cruise on the San Francisco Bay from 12 am to approximately 4 am. The celebration will include a food buffet, beverages, music/dancing with a DJ, casino games, a photo booth and a strolling magician. Graduates need to arrive at SVHS by 9:15 pm to begin the boarding process. You will return back to SVHS at approximately 5:30am. 
The ticket price per student is $160.  We hope all can attend! If you need a grad night sign-up form, Grad Night Chair Kathy Hormel at .
ATTENDANCE MATTERS                             
> When a student misses a class they miss out on high quality instruction.  Assignments can be made up, but the learning experience cannot.

> Family vacations and business are  not  excused absences by CA Education Code.  Students missing 3 or more days due to these reasons will be considered truant.

> Every day a student is absent from school, for any reason including illness, the district looses $50 of revenue, but we still have the same costs. This accumulates district-wide to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please consider donating to our absence fund when your child misses school.

From the IB Coordinator's Office

I'd like to remind you about the upcoming International Baccalaureate Grade 10
Presentation Evening that is advertised on the school calendar, and give you a little more information about it.

The presentation is on Tuesday, 10/2 at 6 pm in the SVHS Student Union. The meeting will run for about 90 minutes and there will be opportunities throughout to ask questions. I encourage both 10th Grade parents and students to attend.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to discuss your class choices and explore the complexities of the IB program. I will describe the program in general and explain how we run the program here at SVHS. We will talk about what it means to be either a full IB Diploma candidate or a Certificate candidate and the benefits that participation in the program bring to both our students and our school. I'll endeavour to provide you with
ideas to think over when deciding which IB path you might choose. I will also ask you to sign up for an individual IB counselling session to help explore the program further and to answer individual questions. This counselling meeting is mandatory for any student wishing to become a full-IB Diploma candidate.

When students sign-up for IB subjects, they are deciding on all or part of their program for their last two years of High School. Those choices they make with our assistance are therefore important ones, and we would like to have the opportunity to explore with you how families can go about making those decisions. I look forward to seeing you on October 2nd.
David Crawford
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
831 439 9555 ext 119
Over the course of this school year, student art will be shown throughout Santa Cruz county.
The following is a list of where student work is currently being displayed:
  1. SVHS Library- Social justice posters
  2. SVHS Administration Entrance- Portfolio Covers from Art 1
  3. SVUSD office- Portfolio covers from Art 1
  4. Palace Art Supply - window leading into Regal Cinema, 'Illusions of Depth Landscapes' from Honors Art 2
  5. Palace Art Supply - Featured Artist is Craig Bowie, SVHS Art teacher (until Sunday, 9/30/18 only)  
ATTENTION JUNIORS & SENIORS!                             
Upcoming College Visits

This is just a sampling. Please go on to your Naviance account to see a full list. New visits are added regularly.

  • Western Washington University...10/8 10am
  • Sonoma State...10/8 12pm
  • Vanderbilt University...10/10 8am
  • Emerson College...10/19 12pm
  • University of Oregon...10/29 9am
  • University of San Diego...10/29 12pm
All visits are held in the College & Career Center.
Please contact Amy Paul with any questions
PEER TUTORING OPEN FOR THE YEAR                             

Peer tutoring is now open for the year. Student tutors are standing by for questions every   Monday, Tuesday and   Thursday  at lunch in classroom C509.  Near the end of the semester, they'll also be tutoring on Fridays.

All of the tutors are in HL Math and are very capable in math and science, as well as other high school subjects.