Charter Reform Vote Update
November, 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 5
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Waste Transfer Stations & Communities of Color

NYC-EJA is grateful New Yorkers approved Question 2 on Tuesday's ballot, expanding the City's map to include all public and private waste management and transportation facilities - thereby giving a more accurate picture of a community's true environmental burdens. The City's map is part of the Charter's "fair share" process, which guides City agency decisions regarding the siting of City facilities. Before Tuesday's vote, the City map was only required to identify City-owned or operated facilities in local Community Boards, thereby excluding all private, NYS or public authority operated facilties. Neither City agency planners nor the public at large had a single map with City, State, federal and private facilties to examine before considering a City facility siting decision.

For example, the map above identifies all private waste transfer stations in NYC. Produced by the Municipal Art Society at the direction of NYC-EJA, NY Lawyers for the Public Interest and Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods, the map shows clusters of private transfer stations in Sunset Park, East Williamsburg and the South Bronx - none of which would ever appear on a single City map. After Tuesday's vote, City maps must now include facilities like the ones shown above - prompting the expectation that City agency planners will make fairer decisions, when given more information. (For more on waste transfer stations and other waterfront policies that encourage clustering of polluting uses in communities of color, please visit our website
Fair Share photo

83% of New Yorkers who voted on the referendum questions supported Question 2 (which included other Charter reform proposals). This is an environmental justice victory years in the making, which would not have been possible without NYC-EJA members and our allies. If you have any questions, please contact NYC-EJA Executive Director Eddie Bautista at [email protected]

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Founded in 1991, NYC-EJA, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, is NYC's only federation of community-based organizations fighting for environmental justice. From Election Day 2010's Fair Share victory to equitable energy policies to solid waste to brownfield redevelopment, NYC-EJA and its members have enjoyed an unparalleled string of victories that have begun reversing decades of environmental burdens and inequities for our most vulnerable communities. (Please visit to learn more about our current campaigns and past accomplishments.)

But we need your help to continue our successes. Your tax deductible online contribution at will support NYC-EJA's ongoing campaigns, including new challenges posed by climate change. You can also mail a check payable to: New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, 166A 22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11232.

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