In February, Pegasus joined forces with Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation (of Coxsackie, NY) and Safe Haven Equine Rescue (of Gilmer, TX) to save 7 at risk TBs. Their owner had died, and the family was discussing taking them to auction. Safe Haven picked them up and housed them for two months (including during Snowpacolypse). Pegasus did the leg work of identifying the horses and obtaining their registration papers and provided the legal work and veterinary care to prepare them for adoption.

Unfortunately, one of the geldings had advanced cancer of the face and head and had to be euthanized. The other two geldings and four mares were healthy, just thin.

Unbridled contacted This Old Horse, an amazing sanctuary in Minnesota, that agreed to accept all six. On March 30th, Fleet of Angels (of Lakewood, CO) sent a transporter who delivered them safely to a beautiful foster home in Wisconsin, with transport costs being split between Fleet, Unbridled and Pegasus.

This story proves that sometimes it indeed takes a village! What incredible collaboration between rescue groups from across the country to save these beauties. They are: Highland Wildcat (Tex), Irish Countess (Trixie), Ladys Claim (Tilly), Mr. Mann (Tito), Princess Wildcat (Trudy) and Undeniable Glory (Tula).

Rest in peace sweet & gentle Strike at Dawn (Boo). You were such a good boy.