February 5, 2016

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Advanced Placement (AP) Courses at Lancaster High School

AP courses give LHS students a chance to earn college credits while still in high school. These rigorous courses challenge the students with in-depth curriculum, as well as student-led discussions and coursework that push LHS juniors and seniors to go beyond what they thought they could accomplish.

The video below is part of a series highlighting the AP program at Lancaster High School: just one of the programs making LCS The Place to Be for Learning!

AP English and Language Arts

Lancaster High School students have two English/Language Arts AP courses available to them, giving them a chance to broaden their experiences in writing, reading comprehension, rhetoric, thesis-building and many more skills that will benefit them in college and beyond. 

The video below is part of a series highlighting the AP program at Lancaster High School: just one of the programs making LCS The Place to Be for Learning!

Thomas Ewing Girls Basketball Team Gives Back to Player with Autism

The Thomas Ewing 7th grade girls basketball team showed outstanding sportsmanship at a recent game against Bexley Junior High, agreeing to allow a Bexley team member with autism the chance to score her first basket of the season during their game. The entire gym erupted in applause when she succeeded, and members of both teams beamed with pride. Thomas Ewing team members have also signed the game ball (pictured below), and plan to give it to the Bexley student as a keepsake.

A special thank you to Coach Coakley for teaching these girls that it's not always about whether you win or lose, but how you treat others that matters most!
LCS Elementary Schools Celebrate the 100th Day of School 

LCS elementary staff and students alike celebrated the 100th day of school with fun activities and dress up!

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Update

The Lancaster City School District is continuing to work with the Fairfield Department of Health in monitoring cases of Pertussis (whopping cough) within our district. At this time, Lancaster City Schools has 9 confirmed cases and 6 suspected cases of pertussis. Pertussis is a highly contagious bacterial illness that causes a cough lasting several weeks and spreads through coughing or sneezing. Symptoms of the disease come in two stages. The first stage begins like a cold with a runny nose, sneezing and cough. The cough lasts a week or two and then slowly worsens. The second stage is marked by uncontrollable coughing spells and a whooping noise when the person inhales. If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms please contact your family medical provider.

Antibiotics can prevent the spread of pertussis and are recommended for those with pertussis. Students who are prescribed antibiotics for suspected pertussis can return to school after the fifth day of treatment. Without antibiotics, a person with pertussis is considered to be contagious for three weeks. It is important that students who are ill stay at home and away from others (especially infants and young children).

Pertussis vaccine is administered in combination with diphtheria and tetanus vaccine (DTaP) in a five-dose series and protects children against whooping cough. Please check with your health care provider to make sure your child's shots are up to date.
We have and continue to encourage good hygiene practices with our students, faculty and staff.  All district buildings are following guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health regarding preventing the spread of communicable disease, including proper cleaning of school facilities. 
We will continue to work with the Fairfield Department of Health to be proactive in dealing with communicable diseases. If you or your medical provider has further questions, please contact the Fairfield Department of Health at 740-652-2800.
Building State-of-the-Art Schools

At Medill, brick is being installed around the internal columns in the entrance to the common section of the building while metal stud rough-ins, roof detailing and boiler flu piping continues to be installed. In the kindergarten-3rd grade section, drywall installation is complete on the first floor while first coat painting, domestic water line installation and cable tray installation continues. On the second floor, metal stud rough-in and block fill application is complete while HVAC and plumbing pipe insulation and overhead electrical conduit installation continues. In the pre-school and 4-5th grade section, block fill and drywall partitions are complete on the first floor, while sprinkler pipe, overhead conduit and cable tray installation continues. On the second floor, duct work, HVAC piping and metal stud rough-ins are complete while in-wall sanitary and electrical rough-in installation continues.
At Tallmadge, the first coat of paint is being applied on the first floor of the administration and two-story classroom section of the building. Claypool Electric is installing wiring for lights and pulling technology and temperature control wiring while Fox Mechanical is welding HVAC piping and insulating ducts. On the second floor, the block fill is complete while Fox Mechanical and Claypool Electric are installing duct work and electrical wires respectively. In the kindergarten-1st grade section, sprinkler piping, HVAC piping by Fox Mechanical and lights wiring by Claypool Electric continues. In the cafeteria-gymnasium section, drywall is being installed for the operable partition between the cafeteria and gymnasium while Fox Mechanical is installing sanitary and domestic water lines and Claypool Electric is installing electrical wiring.
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