November 2015


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The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize
This year, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Tunisia. The honoree was the "Quartet", the 2013 alliance of Labor, Employers, Lawyers and activists that was the genesis of the road map for the national dialogue.
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Noteworthy is the fact this Nobel Prize is not the first one for the Country. Indeed, 87 years ago, Tunisia's adoptive son Dr. Charles Nicolle received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work at the Institut Pasteur in Tunis.
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The Tunisian Community Center

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"Panem et Circenses"
High inflation and unemployment make life for the average citizen increasingly unaffordable in Tunisia these days. 

This article, published in "The Arab Weekly" online publication, describes how Tunisians feel that "Bread and Games" supersede Democracy right now.

Student Cultural Ambassador 

Seeds of  Friendship were planted!

George Washington University student Karina Lichtman submitted the following article to our Student Federation Coordinator, Manel Zitoun. The article describes Ms Lichman's impressions of her stay in Tunisia as a student and as teacher. 

Tunisian Decorative Arts
University of Kansas assistant professor Dr. Jessica Gerschultz is woking on what should be a very interesting book about decorative arts by Tunisian female artists.