August 2016


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Remembering Bourguiba
This past August 3rd marks the 113th birthday anniversary of the Father of Modern Tunisia, the late Habib Bourguiba . 

Just like Hannibal in ancient times, he was paid tribute to by the very people he fought: the Esplanade Habib Bourguiba was created in 2004 on the wooded part of the Quai d'Orsay (Paris-7e) in his memory.  
On March 20, 2013, the 57th anniversary of the independence of Tunisia from France, a life size bust sculpture of him was erected on the esplanade.

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The Tunisian Community Center
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Tunisian Women's Day

This August 13th marks the 60th anniversary of the promulgation of the Code of Personal Status

Observed on a national level, the CPS is a series of laws instituting gender equality in Tunisia.  It underwent several important amendments since it came into effect on January 1st, 1957 and Tunisian Women's rights are enshrined in the Constitution adopted in 2014 following the 2011 popular uprising.   
Student Federation 


The Tunisian Student Federation functions as an umbrella framework that:


*Serves as a national Student resource center,

*Inspires the formation of local Tunisian Student Clubs at US campuses, and consolidates contacts between them,

*Contributes to Tunisian Community Center's overall mission of community building and cultural outreach,

*Serves as a leadership incubator for Tunisian student leaders attending U.S. universities who will be the future stewards of the Tunisian Community Center. 


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Organize. Register. Vote.
TunisianCommunity.org Over the years, the partnership of the Tunisian Community Center with the  #YallaVote  campaign had contributed to build our organization's electoral capacity and raise our community's voice to prominence. 

The political conventions having taken place and the general election campaign heating up, now is the time to start: 

    What: Voter Registration Drive Event
    When: Saturday September 10, 2016
    Where: Saba Restaurant
               25-75 Steinway St
               Astoria, NY 11103

    Follow this link

    Follow this link for Election Information