October 2016
The Elissa Project. 
Call for Ideas
Named after the founder of Carthage (Modern day Tunisia), t he Elissa Project, currently under consideration, is an outreach program of the  Ibn Khaldun Institute.

The project is about helping to promote early childhood education (with emphasis on girls' education) in Tunisia.
We hope to harness the experience and the good will of our members to establish productive cooperation channels with the education circles in Tunisia in order to help promote quality education for young children.
A discussion on this subject among a limited number of our members has already started, and a broader consultation among all members will determine the project's scope, structure and methods of work.
If you would like to participate in this project and/or have ideas you would like to share, 


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Election Day: November 8.

Over the years, the partnership of the Tunisian Community Center with the #YallaVote campaign had contributed to build our organization's electoral capacity and raise our community's voice to prominence. N
ow is the time to start: 
2. REGISTERING:  Follow this link
3. PREPARING TO VOTE:  Follow this link for  Election Information
Club Hannibal-USA
The Club Hannibal-USA 's mission is to help in empowering the constituency in the United States for American-Tunisian relations by raising Tunisia's profile among opinion shapers and decision makers.
Invest in Tunisia
Part of some measures taken by the Tunisian parliament, that are intended to attract foreign investors and bring growth back to Tunisia, are the creation of an  Investment High Commission 
and an  Investment Fund  for the development of the underprivileged regions of the Country.    
Chicago Film Festival
The 52nd Chicago International Film Festival kicks off October 13th. An interesting and inspiring entry from Tunisia is " Hedi ". It is a film about a man's struggle to find his place in the turmoil of the Tunisian social change.