December, 2018
Happy Holidays From The Writing Trenches!
Keeping in touch with friends and fans
I'm Giving Away Audio CDs
Over on my Facebook page, I'm conducting a Flash Giveaway of five copies of the audio CD for Scorpion Strike. Just follow this link to enter the drawing, then follow the directions. You have to act quickly, though, because I draw the winner on December 6, 2018

Let me know what you think.

I hope this isn't too big a spoiler for anyone, but when Total Mayhem comes out in 2019, you'll learn that Jonathan and Boxers' heavily-armored and customize Hummer H2--the vehicle Boxers calls the Batmobile--has a bad day, and won't be able to answer the bell for the next book. So, I turn to you for suggestions on what they should replace it with? The basic requirements are a strong enough base to be armored against 7.62mm rifle fire, and four-wheel drive. I've got some ideas, but I'd love to hear what you think. Send me an email with your thoughts.
Inside A Writer's Life
My YouTube channel, A Writer's View of Writing and Publishing, is all about giving the inside scoop on what the publishing business is really all about. Want to know how movie deals work? The practical differences between paperbacks and hardcovers? I try to post a video every few weeks (except during the summer months because I'm always crashing on my submission deadline). Please subscribe to the channel by clicking here.