December, 2018
I'm Up to My Ankles In Really Cool News
Keeping in touch with friends and fans
Pub Date is Coming
The next book in the Jonathan Grave thriller series, Total Mayhem, is scheduled to drop on the last Tuesday in June. It's hard to believe that it's not too soon to be planning for summer, isn't it? Anyway, my publisher, Kensington, is pulling out stops for this title, and for the first time in a long while, I'll be going on tour to support the new release. We're targeting primarily the Southeastern part of the country--out as far west as Fort Knox, KY, where an event is planned in July, and as far south as, say, Texas and Florida. If you know of any cool bookstores or libraries that would like me to come out and say a few words and sign a few books, please drop me an email.

Surprise! I'm writing a second thriller series!
I am so excited about this. I was visiting The Greenbriar in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, which used to double as the official Government Relocation Center for Congress--until the Washington Post revealed the secret to the world in the 1990s--when I was hit with the idea for a new thriller series. Not since Nathan's Run has a story line arrived in my mind fully-formed. It's too early to talk specifics about the plot, but it's going to be a lot of fun. Kensington signed me for 2 books, with the first one to arrive in 2021. And don't worry--the Grave books won't be interrupted. I'll just be very busy.
Over a Eleven Hundred Subscribers!
Over 1,100 people have subscribed to my YouTube channel, A Writer's View of Writing and Publishing! How cool is that? The channel is all about giving the inside scoop on what the publishing business is really all about. The latest video, "Hey! Can You Write That In A Book?" talks about sex, violence and foul language on the page. How much is too much, and how do you know?

The channel doesn't yet qualify for "monetization" but I found it interesting that the use of the word "sex" in the title or description would disqualify it when/if the channel finally makes the monetization cut. Irony.

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