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Our topic for this month's edition focuses on intensive aphasia programs.   

There are 2 certainties about aphasia recovery.   Treatment needs to truly exploit neuroplasticity, and, recovery takes TIME.   For that reason, be sure that you direct your efforts and resources to a treatment program that you can sustain for several, if not many years.  The online, ongoing intensive program offered by aphasiatoolbox® will help you do just that by conserving your resources for the long haul - the full pathway of aphasia recovery.   We coordinate your ongoing treatment and recovery after your visit to an on-site intensive program or offer you a full, intensive program that blends on-site with online.  

An intensive  aphasia   treatment program   generally covers   between 10-30 hours of therapy weekly over a fixed period of time. Some traditional programs run for a week, some for a month or more, and some by a college semester schedule.  This treatment schedule means that many therapy hours are provided  in  a concentrated manner over a shorter period of time.  In addition to one-on-one speech sessions,  a  program may also include  group sessions, reading and/or writing sessions and/or a focus on technology. The programs range in geographic location, in scheduling format, in makeup of the staff professionals, in the focus of treatment (restorative - compensatory - facilitation, etc), and cost.  Some costs may be covered by health insurance, however, this is inconsistent.   Some programs may offer a sliding scale or financial assistance. Some programs are connected with academic institutions that provide student assistants for treatment sessions and conduct focused research on aphasia.  

Click  Here for  our Factsheet and "12 Questions to ask an  Intensive Aphasia Program". 

The emphasis  with intensive treatment  should be on ONGOING, ONLINE AND  IMMERSIVE therapy.   Aphasiatoolbox® offers a no-cost consultation to assist you in selecting the optimal program for you   -    Schedule my Intensive Treatment Consultation


In this edition,  we  include:

-  current list of  intensive aphasia programs in the US and Canada; 
-  details on Carolyn Falconer's  intensive  immersion aphasia program; 
-  Bill Connors discusses  the aphasiatoolbox Online Intensive Aphasia Program; 
-  current  aphasia news/events 

What ever your condition is, DON"T  let it limit you;  join our community of people  aggressively  recovering from aphasia.     
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Intensive Aphasia Programs   
In this month's edition,  we  include a  CURRENT list of intensive aphasia  programs:

If we missed your intensive program, send your information to us and we'll include it in our update next month.

  Aphasia Summer House, June 10 - 16   
Carolyn Falconer is offering a one week intensive live-in aphasia program called the Aphasia Summer House(TM); Carolyn calls this program - "part vacation, part language immersion". 

Dates:   June 10-16, 2018
Location: Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY
Cost:   Contact Carolyn  details and a consultation.

About Ocean Beach, Fire Island,  NY:
Aaaaah -  sunshine, sand and the sea -  this describes the Ocean Beach community on Fire Island, NY.

For a  video description of  this location, play Carolyn's video:

About the intensive program:
* Individualized
* Daily 1:1 and group programs
* Challenges and activities
* SLP 10AM-10PM

For information on the program, you can also play the video: .
For information on Carolyn, you can also play the video file:
About Carolyn Falconer, Ph.D.,CCC-SLP:
* 20+ years as a Speech-Language Pathologist
* Specialize in the treatment of Aphasia
* Founder of the Sacred Heart University Summer Intensive Workshop in Aphasia

For specific information or to register, contact:                 ON  FACEBOOK:  Aphasia Summer House

Bill Connors discusses:   
The Intensive Aphasia Program at AphasiaToolbox
In this month's video, Bill Connors  discusses the online and ongoing Intensive Aphasia Program at aphasiatoolbox.

Time:     02:59

Click  Here for  our Factsheet and " 12 Questions to ask an  Intensive Aphasia Program".

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Phone:  724.831.8353

 News/Events: Stroke/Aphasia
1.  Brain adapts after rare dementia attacks language center 
People with a rare kind of dementia that initially attacks the language center of the brain end up recruiting other areas of the brain to decipher sentences, according to a new study.  2018

Link to original study

(Mark) French's stroke experience would inspire him to produce a 75-minute documentary, A Teachable Moment, which not only tells his personal story but those of three other stroke survivors. It educates about risk factors for stroke and stroke symptoms while stressing the importance of going to a comprehensive stroke center.  2018

3.   AphasiaAccess Awareness Virtual Conference, June 15 
AphasiaAccess is offering a virtual conference for Aphasia Awareness, June 15, 2018.

This virtual conference has been designed with the entire care team in mind. That means it's a great professional development opportunity for speech language pathologists, nurses, case managers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, aphasia center directors, stroke unit coordinators and more. In the end, this is a conference for anyone passionate about both improving the lives of people with aphasia and addressing the real communication access challenge that is pervasive throughout our healthcare delivery system. 

Cost: Just $175** for Unlimited Participants   (includes CE for one participant, additional attendees can earn CE's for $20 / participant)

If you have any questions /difficulties in registering, or would like to register over the phone, please call the AphasiaAccess offices at 855-958-1862.

4.    Study: Young adult stroke survivors missing out on support needed to resume work
New research has confirmed young adult stroke survivors are missing out on the support they need to return to work.  2018

The  Aphasia Institute  is pleased to announce that, thanks to financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Health, a range of its internationally recognized tools and training will be accessible for free in Ontario.  

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