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Aphasiatoolbox® is changing its look and content for the New Year!

We are now using a layout for the  Aphasiatoolbox® Consumer edition that will sync with mobile devices, which about 60% of our subscribers use to read our newsletters.  
In order to consolidate our presentation, we are shortening the first layer of content but keeping the in-depth discussion and review of  information, the current  aphasia news, a monthly video and treatment protocols.

Wanna talk?   Schedule an appointment  to discuss your recovery.  We can chat with you in the comfort of your home using a video conference or by phone.
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Dig Deeper
Some  common phrases often heard in  fitness and exercise circles  include "Dig Deep"  or "Dig Deeper".   For example, Shaun T the  celebrity fitness trainer, motivator, and choreographer uses these phrases to help motivate his  Insanity Fitness clients.

A recent article written by Kristen Dams-O'Connor, PhD, in
Neurology  Now , also used the phrase "Dig Deep/Dig Deeper".  Here Dr. Dams-O'Connor discusses motivation, strength and resilience, and - more importantly, hope.  These she sees as so important with her brain-injured clients.  She concluded:  

"If only we could bottle the energy that allows some people to negotiate a new life that is truly satisfying.  I cannot promise all my patients that things will turn out as they wish, but I can tell them that the human spirit is amazingly resilient. People can (and do) thrive in the face of devastating loss . . .  Switch gears. Be strong. Dig deep. "

A hallmark of aphasia toolbox®  therapy and practice is online treatment, aggressive work and intensive practice for aphasia recovery.   Our intensive clients work 5-7 times a week, in one-on-one sessions, independent practice, and group sessions in their own homes.   All of these we provide  at a fraction of the  cost of traditional and residential intensive programs.   It is time to eliminate leaving your home, expensive travel costs, traffic hassles, long drives, and limited scheduling opportunities.  

Our clients - intensive and other, work aggressively every day to improve their speech, conversation, reading/writing and use of  numbers.  What do you or your loved one with aphasia want to accomplish?  Tell us and we will build your aggressive program.  

Schedule a free consultation  i f you want to dig deeper in order to kick your aphasia program into a higher level of recovery by maximizing neuroplasticity. 

"Aphasiatoolbox, where the recovering mind meets compassion, excellence and opportunity." 
 Aphasia  Sight Reader - New Exercises
1. Cognitive Skill Support:
a. Pairing Semantic Concepts

2. Sentence Patterning:
a. Flip the Subject Switch

See Bill's  video of these ex ercises:

Bill Connors discusses:  New Aphasia Sight Reader activities
Bill Connors discusses: New Aphasia Sight Reader activities

Time:  5:59

To learn how you can exploit exercises like these to aggressively improve your speech,  schedule an appointment with an aphasiatoolbox® expert.  

Aphasia News

A Dose of Singing Does Stroke Patients Good

The group, Singing Together Measure by Measure, is made up of those who have had strokes and those who care for them, both family members and health-care professionals. It is part of a clinical trial, led by Joanne Loewy, director of the hospital's Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine, creating therapy around a phenomenon that has been noted for centuries: that some people who can't speak can still sing.

Shingles Linked to Increased Stroke Risk

Seniors who develop the painful rash known as shingles appear to face a short-term increase in their risk for having a stroke or heart attack, new research indicates.

The man who can only say yes and no

It's common to have communication problems after a severe stroke. But Graham Pawley is an unusual case in that he can understand everything but say virtually nothing back. He has to get by with "yes" and "no".

The International Aphasia Movement has announced times and locations for its program meetings in New York City.

The National Aphasia Association has published its take on the top aphasia news stories of 2015. 

We think the top aphasia story of last year was how much our clients improved their ability to carry on a conversation.   Find out how that happened by  setting up a meeting with an expert SLP.

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