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January 2012 
Winter Running 
You Will Survive!
After Waiting with Bated Breath....
Men Connect
  • The Award-Winning Brooks Pure Connect has made its way to your local Runner's Alley! This is the lightest shoe in the Pure line, but doesn't skimp on cushioning.
  • Also new, the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7!

Wom Elixir 

  •  Don't forget about the recently updated Brooks Trance 11, Brooks Defyance 5, Mizuno Wave Rider 15, and Mizuno Wave Inspire 8.
You asked for them - we got 'em:
  Knuckle Lights!

Knuckle Lights
Light your path and be seen with Knuckle Lights! They fit comfortably around your (you guessed it) knuckles and don't interfere with your natural running form. This is a great option if you are not comfortable with headlamps or waist lights. Check them out!
Knuckle Silhouette 
At Least We're in it Together....

winter running
Ahh, winter running......even without much snow or exceptionally frigid temperatures, there is no doubt it is often VERY difficult to find motivation to run through the winter. It's always dark and cold, and that chair next to the fireplace looks much more inviting than the arctic tundra we imagine outside. Still, somehow, we do it, whether it's because we need to train for a race, get some fresh air or our stubborn pride is forcing us out the door. It certainly creates a comaraderie with the other runners we may see during the day who also managed to hit the pavement, despite the wind chill factor and fleeting sunlight. It's nice to connect and compare what the conditions were, talk about how many layers we put on or how we wished we would've worn our wind boxers that day. It's just those little things that make running through the long, cold, dark winter bearable....and even fun.

Happy Running! 
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It's Not Too Late to Be a Warrior!
Winter Warriors
You keep hearing about Winter Warrior runs, and since there are a lot of chilly months ahead of us, how about another friendly reminder on what WW is all about?
*Group Runs (all paces/levels): Thursdays at 6:00pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00am
*Throughout the winter, each store will host try-on nights from different brands, plus raffles and other giveaways!
*Every time you come to a run, you get a point.
*Every time you bring a canned good, another point!
*25 or more points at the end of the season means you score some free gear with the Warrior branding. Suh-weet!
*Have we mentioned it's a blast? Yeah, it is...cuz that's how fun we are.... 
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes... (and eyes, ears, mouth & nose!) 
Keeping Each Body Part Warm

Head: Wicking thermal hat, like the Sugoi Midzero Tuke. If your face and/or neck are chilled, try a Neckwarmer or Balaclava!
Shoulders (and core):  Baselayer, like Craft Pro Extreme, then
Firewall insulating layer, like the Sugoi Midzero 1/2 Zip or Firewall 180, PLUS a windproof shell like the Craft PXC Storm Jacket.
Knees (and legs): Fleece-lined tights, like the Saucony Arctic Tight, Sugoi Midzero & Subzero or windproof North Face Apex ClimateBlock Tight.Midzero
Toes: Wool socks from Darn Tough Vermont DTV Plum
Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose: Native or Ryders Eyewear, Headband or Hat, and Balaclava, man!
Oh, and Fingers!: Try a mitten, like the Brooks Wanganui Cabrio Mitten or Saucony Run Mitt.
Traction Control (to protect your Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes): Yak Trax & Due North Traction Aids - strap these to the bottom of your running shoes for grip on the ice, snow and slush! 
              Congratulations to Owner Jeanine Sylvester on her 
                                     Nike Just Do It Award!!

Jeanine Award
How would you like a Nike VP to surprise you with an award in front of all of your peers? Well, that's what happened to Runner's Alley owner Jeanine Sylvester in Texas last month at the Running Event (a conference and expo for running specialty stores) when she was given the Nike Just Do It Award. The award is presented annually to a female store owner who exemplifies business and personal leadership in her community. Congratulations Jeanine! You deserve it! And for your prize, a replica of the headless, armless, Greek Goddess Nike statue!  Might not fit in the suitcase..... 


Coming Soon...
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a 5K run or walk, happening May 12th at Strawberry Banke in downtown Portsmouth.  Participate, sponsor or volunteer! For more info, visit: www.komenvtnh.org
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for our upcoming spring training groups! We will offer several beginners 5K groups and a beginners 10K group! Stay Tuned!

Susan G Komen