SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

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This Week in Largo
Effective October 1st, Pinellas County will begin a routine system maintenance program to optimize water quality. The water treatment method is being temporarily changed from chloramine to chlorine disinfection. The switch to chlorine will be in effect from October 1st to October 26th.
The water is perfectly safe to drink during this period, though you may notice a slight difference in the taste or odor of the water.
Users of kidney dialysis machines and owners of aquatic life should not be impacted, but should contact their respective service providers for more information.
If you have questions, please visit the Pinellas County Utilities website at or call Customer Service at (727) 464-4000.
- Pinellas County Utilities
Please congratulate the Largo Police Department Negotiation Team on tying for first place in the 2018 Bay Area Negotiation Group (BANG) Competition. This was the 4th Annual BANG Seminar and Challenge at the Amalie Arena. The first day of the event consists of various training topics. The second day is a multi-faceted, large scale scenario. Nine teams from around the region participated. Assignments from the competition were as follows:

Team Leader - Jerry Hunt 
Primary Negotiator - Mark Dakoski 
Secondary Negotiator - Bryan Baldie 
Intel Recording - Scott Simcox 
Intel - Ricardo Monche & Scott Jennings 
Scribe/Information Boards - Nicole Gulizia

Sergeant Misner is to be commended for the training and guidance that she has provided to the Team. The other team in the tie was Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.
- Jeff Undestad  
Police Chief I 587-6707 I  

Officer Vu Tran was named the Officer of the Year by the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Foundation!
Vu was presented with his award at the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association Gala which was held on September 8th. Vu was surrounded by his wife and many members of the Largo Police Department. Officer Keith Snyder and Officer Jerry Hunt displayed the LPD motorcycles at the event. A great evening was had by all!
- Jeff Undestad 
Police Chief I 587-6707 I
This year's Citizens' Academy kicked off this week with a session on September 17th.  This first night included a welcome by Mayor Brown and an introduction to Largo's form of government and the City's Strategic Plan by City Manager Schubert.  Mayor Brown also encouraged participants to continue their involvement by volunteering for a City board in the future.  Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator. Reed spoke about monitoring legislation and proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution that will be on the November ballot. Outreach Coordinator Clark spoke about Communications and Marketing and she and Deputy City Clerk Fogarty led an exercise on the group's aspirations for the City.  Some of Largo's strengths the group identified were City Parks, Recreation Centers, City Services and community events in Largo Central Park.  Aspirations for the City included more public art such as murals and statues, development of the triangle property downtown and more pedestrian friendly features.  The group was enthusiastic and engaged throughout the session and staff looks forward to teaching them more about their City.  Next week's session will be hosted by the Fire Rescue Department at Fire Station 41.
- Diane Bruner
City Clerk I 587-6710 I 
On September 19th, the Executive Leadership Team focused their retreat to kick off a training program to further implement our vision of being The Community of Choice in Tampa Bay. City Administration is committed to positive and meaningful change and recognizes that "good is the enemy of great". The Leadership Team was challenged to ensure they are operating as a high functioning team and to lead the organization to its full potential of providing superior services. Recognizing that true leadership is practiced, the team engaged in meaningful conversation, participated in team building exercises and brainstormed in search of opportunities. This day merely set the stage for continuing development efforts as the team practices principals from Patrick Lencioni's "The Advantage", a cohesive and comprehensive exploration of the unique advantage of organizational health. Most importantly, the retreat was a launch of additional training, practice and development as the City of Largo strives to attain the status of a High Performance Organization. The shift in organizational culture is intended to positively impact each valued team member at all levels of the organization through the coming years and will be shared through increased communications, consistency in leadership and the organization's clear focus areas identified in our Strategic Plan. All are encouraged to learn more about becoming a High Performance Organization (HPO) by visiting
- Kate O'Connell Oyer
Communications and Marketing Manager I 586-7455 I
Economic Development staff participated in a three city bus tour for 50 Pinellas Realtors on  September 13th. The participants first toured St. Petersburg, then had lunch in the ICOT Center followed by a tour through Largo and then Clearwater. Economic Development staff prepared a six page overview of the tour route and provided "fun facts" on Largo to go along with the presentation. The tour was well received and more will be planned in the future.

- Carol Stricklin
Community Development Department Director I 586-7490 I