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Community Prayer Breakfast
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Public Safety Sales Tax Update
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Election Filing Notice

 Planet Fitness Ribbon Cutting


 On Tuesday, Nov. 20, I joined the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce as they hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for Planet Fitness, located at 601 SW US Highway 40

 Upcoming Events

 Recycle your old strand lights!


 Do you have a pile of broken or unwanted strand lights?  Are you upgrading your traditional strand lights with energy-efficient LED lights?  This holiday season, don't throw out your old strand lights - recycle them!


We are teaming up with Southeast Enterprises and St. Louis Green to offer residents the opportunity to recycle broken or unwanted strand lights at no cost.  The copper and wiring in the light cords will be recycled and the plastic will be made into plastic lumber. 

 Winter Resources

Blue Springs snow plow
 Snow Removal
The Snow Removal Hotline number is (816) 228-0295.  If you would like to learn more about the City's Snow Removal Program, click here.


To report a pothole, call the Pothole Hotline at (816) 228-0291 and leave the exact location of the hole, the nearest cross street and your name and phone number so we can contact you if we have problems locating the pothole.


To learn more about the City's Pothole Repair Program, click here.


Power Outages
If you are experiencing a power outage in your area, call 1 (888) 544-4852.  To learn more about KCP&L's Winter Storm Program, click here.

 Let's Move! Saturdays!

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City of Blue SpringsNews Happenings
Around Town
A bi-weekly message from your Blue Springs Mayor and City Council
Hello and welcome to News Happenings Around Town, your one-stop source for City information and news updates, including those items most important to you.


As we reflect on the recently celebrated Thanksgiving holiday, it's important that we remember why this time of year is so meaningful for so many of us. For some, it's the joy of getting together with friends and loved ones that we haven't seen for quite some time. For others, it's the good food and fond memories that are shared around the dinner table. For me, it's all of the above. 


I'm looking for a few good bell ringers!  I (along with five other Eastern Jackson County Mayors) have joined the Mayor's Kettle Challenge as a contest to see which City can raise the most for the Salvation Army. I know that Blue Springs can win this challenge!!


The Challenge for Blue Springs will be held on Friday, December 7 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Wal-Mart (grocery door). All proceeds go to the Salvation Army. We need volunteers to work the one-hour shifts. If you can volunteer for one hour, please contact Kathy Richardson at (816) 228-0110 or send a note by clicking here with what time you are available. 


Mark your calendars!  There are a few events I would love to see you at!  My annual Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting event on December 4 from 5:30-7 p.m. and the first Community Center Meeting is December 11, 6:30 p.m. at the Blue Springs Freshman Center.  See you there!


As always, please continue sharing this timely publication and spreading the word about what's good and going on in the City of Blue Springs.
Community Prayer Breakfast
Top Left: Event Emcee Dale Walkup; Top Right: Blue Springs Police Department guests; Middle: First Lady Eloise Ross, key note speaker Gracia Burnham and Mayor Carson Ross; Bottom: Independence Mayor Don Reimal, Raytown Mayor David Bower, Blue Springs Mayor Carson Ross, First Lady Eloise Ross, Lee's Summit Mayor Randy Rhodes and Sugar Creek Mayor Stanley Salva

This year's Community Prayer Breakfast was on November 16 at the Adam's Pointe Conference Center.  The theme was "America is at it's best.... when helping those in need" - very appropriate for this year. 


Our key note speaker was Gracia Burnham, who's amazing story has inspired millions.  As missionaries to the Philippines, Gracia & Martin Burnham were kidnapped and held for ransom by Islamic extremists in 2001. 


I want to thank the Community Prayer Breakfast Committee consisting of Donna Best, Dale Falck, Jim Finley, Eddie Saffell, Judy Qualkinbush, Kathy Richardson, Steve Steiner, Justine Stewart, Dale Walkup for coordinating this dynamic breakfast and I look forward to next year's event!
Veterans Way Memorial Donations

Left to Right: Eleanor Frasier, Mike Gann, Roscoe Righter, Walt Cory, Ed Pouche, Shawn Stark, Mayor Carson Ross, Hal Jordan, Jim Tribble, John Martin, Ed "Doc" Golden, Kent Egy and Phil Hanson


Blue Springs Elks Lodge #2509

On November 16, the Blue Springs Elks Lodge #2509 agreed to be a lead partner for the Veterans Way Memorial.  Members of the Elks Lodge joined me and presented a $10,000 check in a special ceremony in front of City Hall.


We are grateful to Blue Springs Elks Lodge for being one of the lead partners of The Veterans Way Memorial.  Organizations like the Elks Lodge #2509 help make Blue Springs the outstanding community that it is.



Left to Right: Roscoe Righter, Ed "Doc" Golden, Eleanor Frasier, Mayor Carson Ross, Patricia Walker, Rene Keil, Lacy Randall and Jacki Ross

Metcalf Bank

On November 21, I was invited to Metcalf Bank for a surprise check presentation.  Metcalf Bank held their own fundraiser for the Veterans Way Memorial and when combined with the bank's $2,500 donation, the check they presented us with was over $4,000!


I am constantly amazed by the generosity of our local businesses.  I am so proud to be Mayor of a city that has business and organizations that are committed to not only veterans, but giving back to the community they serve.

Community Center Meetings



The Park Commission has been working hard on the current feasibility study for a new community center with aquatics here in Blue Springs.  


I mentioned that there would be several opportunities for residents to get involved in this process.  So, save these dates:

  • December 11, 6:30 p.m.
  • January 8, 6:30 p.m.

The BOTH meetings will be at the Blue Springs Freshman Center, 2103 NW Vesper Street.  These hands-on meetings are designed to explore options related to size, amenities, programming and community support for a community center.


I encourage you to get involved in this process!  For more information on the feasibility study or other issues related to a potential community center, contact Dennis Dovel, Director of Parks & Recreation at (816) 228-0265 or send a note by clicking here.

Public Safety Sales Tax Update
From Left to Right:  IT Director Dan Hood, Captain Robert Morton (back) and Brian White from Motorola push the 'easy' button on the day of the radio cutover.  If only it were that 'easy!'


On November 12, the Blue Springs Police Department experienced one of many milestones to come in the next few years with the successful radio system cutover.  The cutover happened at 'high noon' and was a smooth transition.


The new radio system, funded by the Public Safety Sales Tax Initiative, is now the primary radio system used by officers and dispatch.  These radios are a huge step forward with the goal of officer safety being the prime motivation.  There are still some fine-tuning of the new system before the old radios can be permanently retired, but we are on target to meet the Unfunded 2013 FCC Narrowbanding Mandate. To learn more about this mandate, click here.


I would like to say a special thank you to Captain Robert Morton
 and  IT Director Dan Hood along with many other City employees for their hard work to get this project completed ahead of schedule. 


To learn more about the Public Safety Sales Tax Initiative, click here.

I hope you have found this issue of News Happenings Around Town to be both informative and timely for your City information needs. Is there anything we missed? Do you have questions about any of the articles from this issue? Share your thoughts with me and the City Council by calling City Hall at (816) 228-0110. Know that we truly value your time and support for our City and hope you join us for the next issue of News Happenings
 Ross sig
Carson Ross, Mayor
City of Blue Springs
The City of Blue Springs is a unique community where families, visitors and businesses share a special quality of life and an abundant spirit of community closeness and cooperation. 


Our number one goal is to ensure that our residents, visitors and patrons receive quality customer service and attention with every program and service the City provides. Just as you stand by a community that strives to meet your family's needs, we promise to do our best to meet these needs and anticipate what's best for you and our community, to the best of our ability.