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Dear All,

I had a news letter I was going to send out with incredible, stunning vids, articles, etc., but while I was working on it, the whole thing went blank as in the entire contents of the news letter was ERASED!! I of course never pressed delete or anything like that, so I called Constant Contact and they said I have to have an attorney formally request what happened. So prior to jumping to any conclusions, I have called an attorney and they are reaching out to Constant Contact to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, "How and Why You Can and Should Run for Office"with legislators/citizens who ran on the anti 5G/wireless issue.
Note: when transferring from Zoom to Vimeo, it somehow became "anamorphic" meaning picture is slightly distorted, but still watchable and hopefully it will inspire some of you to start running against these criminals currently in office.

Also here is the press conference EHT had on our win against the FCC. They asked me to make a short vid re: my take on this win which is in there somewhere around the middle. The bottom line of this win is that the FCC is now going to have to go back and take into account all the health complaints people submitted to them about wireless radiation and are going to have to consider non thermal, meaning health effects BELOW heating standards! This was really, truly a major and very important win for us which we will be able to use in other lawsuits on this issue going forward.

And finally, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in the "click to call" action we set up to stop 5G bills in California. Unfortunately, it was not enough to stop the bills currently in the legislature, so am sending it out again as today as these bills have passed out of committee and are being voted on the floor, meaning the whole Assembly or Senate. You can call, send a letter or Tweet to them, all of it is pre-written, all you have to do is fill in your info and the system automatically connects you to your legislator. But please click here and do it today if you haven't already done so.

And finally, please also take a moment to stop the New South Whales type of tyranny introduced by good friend of big pharma, Senators Pan and Weiner. They very sneak-illy gutted a transportation bill and made it into the dreaded "vackseen" (I must spell it like this in order not to be blocked by bots) passport bill.
Here's what you wont be able to do in CA without proof of the jab...
✅no job (ALL employers would be required to require it)
✅You can be FIRED & not able to sue
✅labor & fair housing to enforce (ironically)
✅no religious exemptions
✅no restaurant
✅no shopping
✅no sports events
✅no school

Here’s the bill:
Please also oppose Pan’s gut & amend of AB742 which would put you in jail for protesting a vaccine site! I do not have a copy of this bill to show you and I tried calling Sen. Pan but no one answered, but I trust this info is accurate.
2️⃣CALL YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES - call & email directly PLUS below
➡️PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE “APPROVED” V IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE!! They want to force people to take the emergency use one for which the company has no liability. Then they want to push the liability to the employer!!!
“Gut and amend” technique, used by sleazy politicians...
✅take former bill with a completely different topic, (transportation bill, in this case), gut out the transportation part
✅insert the nefarious bill that you don’t want the public to know about (like forced vacks passport)
✅add it in the night before when no one’s paying attention.

I will try and gather the links again and send them to you as there were some doozies, but I have to admit it really threw me that this happened as it takes an enormous amount of time to curate and post them in the news letter. I will get right back up on this horse and send them to you asap…as many as I can find at least as sometimes I take a deep dive and it may be difficult to replicate what I found over the past few weeks…I will give it my best.

Here’s to taking back our state, country and world,