February 27, 2019
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House Unveils Auto Insurance Reform Website
The special committee designated with finding ways to reduce car insurance rates has unveiled a new website called www.reduceMIRatesNow.com for Michigan residents to tell their stories and share their ideas on auto insurance.

The website from the Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates will also keep residents up-to-date with developments and committee meeting schedules.
Senate Insurance Committee Continues
No-Fault Discussions
The Senate Insurance Committee had more testimony this morning on issues relating to no-fault insurance. If you remember from a News Now we published earlier this month, MAIA was an invited group to testify on PIP choice. Your association continues to have a seat at the table as these important public policy decisions are discussed.

This morning the committee heard from the Coalition to Protect Auto No-Fault (CPAN) on its opposition to PIP choice. CPAN believes that a cap on PIP levels will not cover all reasonable medical needs and will shift costs to Medicaid. Instead, the Coalition thinks a provider fee schedule, reducing fraud in the system, and eliminating non-driving rating factors will lower rates and protect unlimited health coverages.
Click video to view today's meeting.
The committee also heard from Senator Ed McBroom (Upper Peninsula) and Senator Marshall Bullock (Detroit). The Senators are from opposite parts of the state and opposite political parties, yet both stressed how the cost of insurance negatively impacted their constituents. 

Finally, the committee heard from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) on the need for a medical fee schedule for no-fault. NFIB comments mirrored those made last week in committee by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the Insurance Alliance of Michigan. The Chamber said fee schedules can rein in costs and cited the state’s passage of workers’ compensation fee schedules in the 1980s. Meanwhile, IAM Executive Director Tricia Kinley said implementing the medical fee schedule used in workers' compensation or based on that of Medicare could lead to savings of at least 10 percent. She added these savings are just for the PIP portion of medical charges and are independent of other factors or potential legislative reforms. 

On the other hand, the Michigan Health and Hospital Association does not support government-mandated fee schedules and does not believe provider payments are responsible for increasing costs. They testified that frivolous lawsuits and allowing the insurers to use “unfair rating practices” is the primary driver of high insurance rates. 
Click video above to watch testimony at Insurance and Banking Committee's February 20 meeting.
PAC Reception a Success
Thank you to everyone who attended the PAC reception during the MAIA Convention. Your support of our state (AgentPAC) and federal (InsurPac) PAC’s continues to give us a seat at the table as major policy decisions are made in Lansing and D.C.  Support PAC today and watch for highlights from the Reception and all MAIA Convention events in the March/April edition of Michigan Agent magazine!
From left: MAIA Director Government Affairs Matt Wesolek, House Majority Floor Leader Triston Cole, Representative Karen Whitsett, Senate Insurance and Banking Committee Chair Lana Theis, House Insurance Committee Chair Daire Rendon, and Senator Dan Lauwers. Not Pictured but also in attendance was Senate Majority Leader Peter MacGregor.

Association News
Salary & Benefits Survey — Add Your Numbers!
MAIA continues to gather data on numerous aspects of Michigan agencies, and we are asking agency principals to complete the MAIA/Intellagents Salary & Benefits Survey because only you know the compensation numbers for your business. We know it’s sensitive information. But rest assured, the numbers you provide in the survey are strictly confidential and will be presented only in the aggregate. We want to know your business so we can help you grow your business! In return, we’ll give you the resulting 2018 Compensation Study at no charge (a $149 value). If you haven’t already done so, please complete the survey today. 

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