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Brand New Circus Acts - This Weekend Only
EVANSTON, IL - During the past six weeks, 31 students conditioned their bodies to their highest physical levels while working with a cross section of Chicago's leading circus, dance, and physical theatre instructors. Collaborating with their fellow students, they choreographing brand new circus movement pieces.

 Two casts created two completely different showcases. This weekend will be the first and only time the public can see these exciting, collaborative acts in their completion. The culminating Summer Circus Intensive Showcase is open to all ages. 

New acts include: Stacked Lyra, Chinese Pole, Double Trapeze, Sling, Poi, Unicycle, Straps, Lyra, Silk Knot, Juggling, Pendulum, Silks, Single Point Trapeze, Aerial Rope, Acrobatic Pole, Spanish Web, Cloudswing, Contortion, Aerial Net, Dance 

Directed by Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi and guest taught by Dean Evans, Tommy Rapley, Flora Bare, Amanda Crockett, Patrick Tobin, and Javen Ulambayar.

Tickets are available now for both days of performances for $15. They can be purchased here or at For group reservations and general questions, call 847-328-2795. The on-location box office opens 1.5 hours prior to the start of each performance.

View the trailer:
Summer Circus Intensive Showcase trailer
Summer Circus Intensive Showcase trailer

The Actors Gymnasium is located at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes Street, Evanston, IL - just off of the Noyes purple line 'L' stop. The Noyes Cultural Arts Center is owned by the City of Evanston and home to over 20 artists and arts organizations offering music, theater, and visual arts programs and studios. The galleries exhibit local artists, with exhibitions changing every two months.
Actors Gymnasium classes are taught in a 3,000 sq/ft gymnasium space that features a 1,600 sq/ft sprung floor and a fully rigged 24 foot ceiling. All aerial equipment such as the Aerial Hoop, Spanish Web, aerial silks, static trapeze and more are provided, as well as the equipment for ground skills such as unicycling, juggling, tight wire and gymnastics. Starting Fall Session 2015 additionally classes will be taught in Studio 108, a 900 sq/ft classroom space that features a floating sprung White Oak dance floor, a fully rigged 14 foot ceiling, a handstand wall, conditioning ladders, and room length 12 foot mirrors for aerial work.

About The Actors Gymnasium:
The Actors Gymnasium is dedicated to bringing a new physicality to the American Theatre. Encouraging ground-breaking theatrical exploration, The Actors Gymnasium teaches circus arts, physical theatre and multi-disciplinary performance to children and adults; produces original, daring works of circus-theatre; and serves as a talent resource, providing performance opportunities to our students and innovative professional event entertainment for a wider audience. At The Actors Gymnasium, people Learn To Fly - physically, emotionally, and creatively. For more information, please visit

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