City Census ensures all Edmontonians can count themselves in
March 29, 2019

This year’s Census is even faster and easier with a short format that can be completed online in just minutes.

“A municipal census is an important tool that helps the City of Edmonton access provincial and federal grants tied to population count,” says Director of Elections and Census, Iain MacLean. “Census information is also vital in planning for things like schools, roads, public transit, rec centres and libraries. The City encourages all residents to count themselves in — knowing who lives in Edmonton allows us to tailor programs, services and infrastructure to meet citizens’ needs.” 

Starting April 1, unique PIN codes will be mailed to each household. Using the code, residents can complete the census online in approximately three minutes. For the first time, the City is including gender options beyond the binary male and female responses. 

"We’re excited to offer expanded gender identity options in our census this time," says Barb McLean, Equity Specialist with the City of Edmonton. "We all want to feel included in our communities — this means having a sense of belonging and feeling valued for your uniqueness. Including more gender options in the census gives representation to residents in our City who have been invisible for a long time." 

Historically, gender options in the census have been limited to “male,” “female” and “other.” The Government of Canada has asked for sex — not gender — in the federal census, making the City of Edmonton a government leader and demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Census workers will be in neighbourhoods starting April 22 to collect information from households that did not complete the Census online. An updated population count for the City will be announced in the fall.
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