City of Edmonton adding new restrictions, requirements to vehicle for hire services to increase driver and passenger safety 
April 1, 2020

For the safety of Edmontonians, the City of Edmonton issued a State of Local Emergency Order, which puts a new range of requirements and restrictions on vehicle for hire services to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The new measures balance the need for essential transportation services while addressing safety concerns of both drivers and passengers. 

Effective April 1, all taxis, limousines, private transportation providers, and shuttle service providers, as well as all ride sharing services such as Uber and Tapp vehicles must adhere to new restrictions, including limits to the number of passengers in a vehicle, enhanced cleaning practices and guidelines around what to do in the event of a potential exposure.

The following requirements and restrictions are now in place:

  • No more than one passenger per vehicle; except if:
  • additional passengers are members of the same household, individuals in a close personal relationship, or a required caregiver; or 
  • the size and capacity of the vehicle allows for 2 metres between each passenger and the driver (e.g. shuttle bus);
  • No passengers are permitted in the front passenger seat(s)
  • While driving and/or operating as a vehicle for hire service, cleaning and disinfecting supplies must be kept in the front passenger seat in plain view and used for cleaning of vehicles after each trip.
  • Door handles (interior and exterior), window controls, door locks, passenger seating area, seat belts and buckles, must be cleaned after each fare and with disinfecting cleaning products and substances. Payment devices must be cleaned after each use.
  • Drivers should take appropriate care (e.g. Personal Protective Equipment) when providing physical support to passengers. 
  • Any vehicle that provides service to a passenger who is demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat, or who otherwise indicates that they are at risk of having COVID-19, must be immediately removed from service and thoroughly sanitized.

The City of Edmonton will work with the vehicle for hire industry to communicate these changes, and enforcement teams will be deployed to help ensure adherence to the new regulations.

The vehicle for hire industry has been deemed an essential service and these new requirements ensure they can continue to operate in a manner that is safe for both drivers and passengers.
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