City of Edmonton response to Provincial launch update
June 9, 2020

“It is encouraging for the city and province to see we are in a place to advance to stage two reopenings. However, the City of Edmonton continues to review reopening plans against our current realities. This includes how we might introduce the reopenings of facilities like recreation centres, arenas, indoor pools and libraries. In order to comply with public health and safety requirements, and in consideration of operational resources, budget constraints, and public compliance it might mean that reopenings will be phased in over time or currently paused for further review. 

The reopening of facilities is very complex and given the financial impacts of the pandemic, some services will not return this season. We thank Edmontonians for their patience and understanding as we work to develop, finalize and activate our relaunch plans across the many lines of business that have been impacted.

Based on the information shared today, an overview of the possible repercussions and options will be shared at the next Emergency Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, June 11,” said David Aitken, Chair COVID-19 Task Team.

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