City opens up about radar locations
Automated enforcement locations in Open Data

August 2, 2017 

To enhance openness and accessibility to information, the City of Edmonton has posted automated enforcement locations, including photo radar on the Open Data portal. The City of Edmonton began posting the weekly enforcement location list at the beginning of July.

“We are excited to add the locations list to the open data platform,” said Gerry Shimko, Executive Director of Traffic Safety. “The Open Data format enables us to provide more information and increase transparency. For example, you can see the enforcement location on a map along with the posted speed limit for each location.”

Automated enforcement is an effective tool in reducing speed and collisions. It is one component of the City of Edmonton’s evidence-based approach to realizing Vision Zero Edmonton - zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Other components include engineering, education, engagement, and evaluation.

“Making enforcement locations known to drivers promotes transparency. However, the best way to avoid tickets is to watch your speedometer,” said Shimko.

The City of Edmonton reminds you that automated enforcement locations are subject to change due to weather, construction, and other circumstances. The link to the automated enforcement locations in Open Data and the list of locations is posted on the photo radar webpage on A list of all possible enforcement sites is also posted on that page.

The City of Edmonton is committed to being an open and transparent government and is known as ‘Canada’s most open city’ due to the proactive release of city data through it’s Open Data Strategy