City releases data from first-ever business census to better support local economy
February 15, 2024

The City of Edmonton released the data from its first business census to help shape how the City supports businesses, attracts investment and improves services. This by-Edmonton, for-Edmonton data set, which focused on Ward O-day’min in its first year, showcases our downtown as a vibrant and inclusive business community.

“Part of creating a thriving and resilient economy means being able to shape our services around the changing needs of our business community,” said Alisa Laliberte, Branch Manager of Economic Investment Services. “This data will help us better understand our local business community so we can ensure that our entrepreneurs have the support they need to continue being community builders, job creators and economic drivers.”

Last summer, City enumerators visited Ward O-day'min to gather information about the local business community, such as business locations, economic sectors, employee numbers and demographics. The inaugural census identified that there are 4,478 business establishments in the ward that support over 105,000 jobs, including over 40 establishments operating for over 100 years!

The data collected through the census will not only help inform City programs and policies but will be valuable in positioning Edmonton as a great place to do business. Economic development partners and potential investors will better understand the business landscape and make informed decisions.

Edmontonians can find 2023 Business Census data on the City’s Open Data Portal. The Business Census program will expand in 2024, and the goal is to cover all of Edmonton by 2026, with more data added to the Open Data Portal as it is gathered. Businesses from across the city, even those outside of the in-person enumeration areas, are able to participate through the online survey.

The 2024 Business Census begins in-person enumeration in May. For more information on the census, visit
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