City releases progress report on Energy Transition Strategy
April 5, 2018

The City released its annual progress report of the Energy Transition Strategy, a comprehensive climate change mitigation strategy approved by City Council in 2015. The report highlights programs and milestones achieved in 2017 and informs citizens on upcoming initiatives over the next year.

“The actions outlined in this report help citizens and businesses to lower their greenhouse gas emissions and take advantage of rebate programs offered by other levels of government while maximizing the economic benefits of a low carbon economy,” said Paul Ross, Branch Manager of Economic and Environmental Sustainability at the City of Edmonton. 

Highlights of the report include:

  • In 2017 the City of Edmonton launched two nation-leading labelling programs: EnerGuide for Homes for the residential sector and Building Energy Benchmarking for the commercial sector. Approximately 500 homes participated in EnerGuide and 83 buildings participated in year one of the Benchmarking program.
  • 2018 will advance solar power uptake in Edmonton with the launch of a new solar map showing the energy potential of roofs in Edmonton and new tools to leverage provincial rebates. 2018 will also bring advancement of LRT, Blatchford, and new projects such as the Corporate Climate Leaders program.
  • The City is updating its greenhouse gas management plan to meet its 2035 reduction targets and will provide detailed emissions data and future emission projections to Council in May. 

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