City reports focus on future of waste services
August 16, 2018

On Thursday, August 23, the City’s Utility Committee will discuss eight separate reports about the future of waste management in Edmonton.

Of the eight reports, three ask councillors to make decisions on the following topics:

  • Alternate Collection and Diversion Options for Grass, Leaf and Yard Waste
  • Source Separated Organics Pilot
  • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sectors Strategic Review

"Years ago, we set an ambitious goal: to divert 90 per cent of residential waste from the landfill. Right now, we're not close enough and we have to look at new ways to do things,” says Michael Labrecque, Branch Manager, Waste Services. “For over a year, we've reviewed our programs and looked at what other cities are doing well. From this, we know we need to put more emphasis on waste reduction and prevention, and that means looking at how residents set out their waste, what waste gets collected, when, and how. This is a topic that affects every Edmontonian, and we look forward to supporting City Council as they determine the best direction for our city."

Below is a quick summary of what Edmontonians can expect to see debated at Utility Committee:

  • Waste Services’ Four-year Business Plan: Provides a strategic overview for 2019-2022. This report outlines the priorities for the upcoming four-year budget cycle, including key initiatives, performance indicators and the utility rate.

  • Waste Services: 25-year Strategic Outlook: Outlines key focus areas for the updated waste management strategy as it pertains to regulated waste services (such as single-unit and multi-unit properties), as well as non-regulated waste services (such as commercial and industrial waste). The report also provides an overview of public engagement beginning in fall 2018.

  • Alternate Collection and Diversion Options for Grass, Leaf and Yard Waste: Details options for removing grass waste from regular waste collection, implementing seasonal collection of leaf and yard waste, and providing alternative disposal programs for both. The report outlines three options based on operational and financial considerations as well as public engagement.

  • Source Separated Organics Pilot: Outlines options for a source separated organics program testing phase prior to the planned 2020 program implementation. Four options are presented, as well as details of planned public engagement. Following public engagement, Administration will make a formal recommendation to Utility Committee about final details for the testing phase, involving 5,600 homes across the city.

  • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sectors Strategic Review: Provides an overview of the operations of Waste Services’ non-regulated business lines. The report recommends revisiting the overall strategic approach, including a targeted engagement program. With respect to the current construction and demolition (C&D) waste processing operations, Administration recommends an immediate review of the business model to determine whether restructuring can better position operations to meet financial and environmental goals.

  • Extended Producer Responsibility: Gives a review of extended producer responsibility policies and programs (waste reduction, reuse and recycling activities) in other jurisdictions. Outlines potential opportunities and details on how an extended producer responsibility policy would affect Edmonton’s waste program.

  • Food Waste Reduction: Details options for food waste reduction strategies, including potential partnerships, public education campaigns and examples from other municipalities, along with measures of effectiveness.

  • Reduction and/or Elimination Mechanisms of Single-use Plastics: Provides an overview of current practices in other jurisdictions to reduce and/or eliminate the use of single-use plastics such as plastic bags, cups and straws.

To view the reports, visit (under Utility Committee -- Agendas, Minutes and Video).
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