City sets 2018 property taxes
April 24, 2018

City Council set Edmonton’s property tax rates for 2018, which resulted in a 1.8 per cent increase for the typical single-family home and a 2.3 per cent increase for non-residential properties that realized an average market value change. 
“The City uses property taxes in combination with other funding sources to ensure Edmontonians continue to enjoy the wide range of services that help keep Edmonton safe and working efficiently,” says Rod Risling, Branch Manager of Assessment and Taxation.

For less than $7 a day in municipal property taxes a typical property owner of a single-family home receives a range of more than 80 distinct services, from police, fire, roadway maintenance and public transit to parks, libraries and recreation centres.   

For a typical house valued at $399,500, property taxes will amount to $3,470 a year. This amount includes $2,476 for municipal programs and services and $994 for provincial education tax, which the City collects on behalf of the Alberta government.
The approval of this property tax bylaw comes after Council approval of a 3.5 per cent total municipal tax increase in April. After it adjusted for education tax and weighted by assessment class, the typical homeowner’s tax increase came down to 1.8 per cent. 

Tax notices will be mailed to all property owners May 22, 2018. The deadline to pay taxes is June 30, 2018.
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