City terminates Thales
April 9, 2019

On April 4, 2019, the City of Edmonton issued Thales Canada Inc. with a Notice of Termination

Thales committed to completing their work on the Metro Line signalling system by December 4, 2018, but the City has found that the signalling system isn’t ready or reliable.

“This is the end of the line for Thales,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “They have consistently let Edmontonians down in delivering on their contractual obligations. This was their last and final chance. It’s time to move forward without Thales. It’s time to move forward with a different signalling system that will deliver the LRT service Edmontonians expect and deserve.”

Thales committed to the December deadline after the City issued them with a Notice of Default on May 1, 2018. Since December, the City thoroughly evaluated the Thales signalling system. Field testing found that the Thales system couldn’t keep trains on schedule. 

“These sorts of issues shouldn’t be showing up in a signalling system that is supposed to be complete,” said City Manager Linda Cochrane. “After more than 5 years of delays, it is clear that Thales cannot deliver the signalling system we asked for and were promised, so we have issued them with a Notice of Termination. We will always hold our contractors to account. Thales has failed us. We have to defend the rights and investments of Edmontonians.”

The termination will not change Metro Line operations today or tomorrow. The City is continuing to advance the alternative signalling plan that will replace the Thales signalling system, but for now, the Metro Line will continue to operate safely using the incomplete Thales signalling system the City has been using since the line opened in 2015. Metro Line trains will continue to operate between Century Park and NAIT stations on a 15-minute schedule. Capital Line trains will continue running between Century Park and Clareview stations on a 5-5-10 minute peak hour schedule.

The Metro Line began operating with restrictions on September 6, 2015, and has more than 34,000 riders per weekday.
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