City unveils plans to reduce waste with new Roadmap 
 April 15, 2021

The City’s first Waste Reduction Roadmap is an important step on Edmonton's journey towards zero waste. Roadmap’24 is a commitment of the 25-year Waste Strategy and aims to inspire and support Edmontonians, businesses and institutions to transform how they think about waste.

The goal of the Waste Reduction Roadmap is to reduce the quantity of waste generated per person in Edmonton by 20 per cent over the course of the 25-year Waste Strategy, starting with zero per cent growth in residential waste generation per person from 2021 to 2024.

Roadmap’24 proposes actions to reduce single-use plastics, remove barriers to zero waste innovation and increase awareness and participation in waste reduction programs.

“The City recognizes that shifting our collective mindset about waste requires reaching beyond our own municipal waste system, across sectors and alongside many actors. Roadmap ‘24 gives us direction on how we can do this,” said Jodi Goebel, Director, Waste Strategy. “The Roadmap focuses on achieving waste reduction goals by working in partnerships with organizations such as the Canadian Plastics Pact, supporting NGO’s and by creating a working group of members across the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.”

The City has demonstrated its commitment to reducing single-use plastics by joining the Canada Plastics Pact, to work alongside plastics manufacturers, retailers and processors to eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging. The City also remains committed to develop a bylaw that aligns with upcoming Federal regulations and a Provincial extended producer responsibility (EPR) program that addresses single-use plastics. 

Whereas other significant Waste Strategy projects like the Edmonton Cart Rollout enable better management of the waste we generate, this Roadmap, and those that will follow, will define how we will inspire Edmontonians to prevent waste from being created in the first place.

The Waste Reduction Roadmap will be presented to Utility Committee on April 30, 2021. 
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