Coliseum seat sale starts this week
May 30, 2019

Fans have a chance to own a bit of history as the Coliseum seat sale opens today.

Seats are sold in pairs with about 5,000 pairs of seats available from all levels of the Coliseum. Buyers can choose what style of seat they want, and how many pairs they wish to purchase. There are no limits on how many pairs a person can buy, except for the original floor-mounted, wood-back upper deck seats, which have a limit of two pairs per person. Each pair is sold for $230 including tax.

“Imagine the sheer number of events that have happened at the Coliseum over the years. Lots of laughs, smiles, oohs and ahs and probably some tears as well,” said Lyall Brenneis, Manager of the Exhibition Lands Transformation Project. “I think a lot of Edmontonians want a piece of this history.” 

Due to the volume of seats, the sale cannot accommodate special requests or requests for a specific seat number, row or section. There are both floor-mount and wall-mount seats available, and they are sold as is. 

Seats are being sold online through a third-party auction house at . Buyers must be 18 years or older and register an account with the site to purchase seats. There is no option to buy the seats directly at the Coliseum. The sale will be open for at least two weeks. Buyers will get information on when they can pick up their seats. Buyers can contact the auction house to arrange delivery for an additional charge. 

This seat sale is part of the Exhibition Lands site transition and strategy to responsibly manage surplus assets. The City aims to repurpose and sell as many assets as possible. The City and the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (who now operate the Expo Centre) have repurposed $700,000 worth of equipment for their operations. All proceeds from selling surplus assets will be used to offset costs associated with maintaining the Exhibition Lands site.
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