Council endorses speed limit reductions to 40 km/hr 
March 11, 2020

Today, City Council endorsed changing residential speed limits to 40 km/hr, which will replace Edmonton’s existing 50 km/hr default. There are a number of roads which will remain at 50 km/hr based on design and use. 

City Council also accepted Administration’s recommendation of a 40 km/hr speed limit for Jasper Avenue, Whyte Avenue and a number of high pedestrian areas. 

City Administration presented a thorough analysis of both a 40 km/hr citywide default and a 30 km/hr Core Zone by weighing safety impacts, public perspective, existing collision data, costs and signage plans.

“Lowering speed limits creates safe, livable streets for everyone. Reducing speeds makes our streets calmer, quieter and safer for people walking, biking, driving and enjoying their neighbourhood,” said Jessica Lamarre, Acting Director of Traffic Safety. “Safe, livable streets help us reach our goal of Vision Zero where safety is the priority. Speed reduction reduces the frequency and severity of collisions and saves Edmontonians millions of dollars in their associated costs.”

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) also offered their perspective on speed limit changes. City Administration will partner with EPS throughout the roll-out of speed limit reductions to ensure clear and consistent messaging and education efforts.

“EPS supports a 40 km/hour speed limit for residential roads, Jasper Avenue, Whyte Avenue and other high pedestrian areas,” said Geoff Mittelsteadt, Acting Investigator, EPS Traffic Services. “One continuous speed limit will create consistency for motorists and traffic enforcement personnel, while promoting greater safety for residents in keeping with the overall goals of Vision Zero.”
Bylaw changes are required to change the default speed limit for residential roads in Edmonton to 40 km/hr. It will take 11 months from the approval of the bylaws for changes to the default speed limit to come into effect. This means Administration anticipates that the default speed limit on residential roads will change to 40 km/hr in mid 2021.  
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