ELA hits the road
October 9, 2018

ELA, the electric autonomous vehicle, is ready for riders.

Edmontonians can come down to Blatchford starting today to ride with ELA for free. The City is testing the electric autonomous vehicle at three public locations: Blatchford from October 9 - 16,  Chappelle Gardens from October 17 - 21 and  Old Strathcona from October 22 - November 4. 
“Getting to experience this cutting edge technology is very exciting,” says Mayor Don Iveson. “It really makes me think of my kids and the younger generations who very likely will live in a world where autonomous vehicles are a normal part of everyday life. It’s so important that we prepare for this future in a way that makes sense for our city and all Edmontonians. Our partnership with Pacific Western Transportation and the University of Alberta are great examples of how we can work with private industry and academia to advance important initiatives like this one.”

“I think that people will be very excited to come take a ride with ELA,” says Dan Finley, VP of Business Development, Pacific Western Transportation. “It’s a very unique experience that very few people in the world have yet to try. Our partnership with the City of Edmonton has allowed us to bring this opportunity to Edmontonians and to explore the potential of this new technology.”

“As a City, we strive to connect people to what matters to them,” says Stephanie McCabe, Branch Manager of Corporate Strategy at the City of Edmonton. “This technology has the potential to connect people in beneficial new ways. As we consider how to prepare to implement these new technologies, it’s important that we hear what Edmontonians think about it. I want to encourage Edmontonians to come ride with ELA and tell us what they think.”

Edmontonians are invited to drop by or sign up to skip the line to ride with ELA. The vehicle will be separated from traffic and have a trained operator on board who can stop it at any time. The vehicle operates at around 12 km/h, contains a ramp for accessibility and can hold up to 12 people (six seated and six standing).

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