Edmonton becomes first city in Canada to lead big building energy program 
June 5, 2017 

The City is launching a voluntary Large Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure program (LBERD) aimed at transforming Edmonton’s large buildings. This is the first municipally-led program of its kind in Canada. It will provide building owners with valuable information about their building energy performance and help them take advantage of Energy Efficiency Alberta programs and incentives for upgrades to heating, cooling and lighting systems.  Energy efficient buildings are critical to achieving Edmonton’s energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets.

“People don’t realize that buildings contribute 39 per cent of Edmonton’s GHG emissions and 42 per cent of our energy consumption. A 10 per cent reduction in energy use of just one large building would be equivalent to taking 22 cars off the road for one year,” says Lisa Dockman, Senior Project Manager for the Energy Transition Strategy. “The Government of Canada’s Pan Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change indicates that labelling of building energy use will be regulated nationwide as early as 2019. This program will help Edmonton’s building owners prepare for future regulation and take advantage of existing government incentives.”

High-performing green buildings and excellence in energy performance are top of mind for most building owners and operators,” says Percy Woods, CEO of BOMA Edmonton.Many large building owners and managers already engage in building energy reporting and benchmarking as part of their BOMA BEST certification. Our programs together will help the City reach more buildings and its environmental targets.

As part of its own leadership in GHG reductions, the City is committing to have 20 City-owned buildings, including City Hall, participate in the program in the first year. Large building owners and property managers can learn more and sign up for LBERD by visiting edmonton.ca/energybenchmarking. The Large Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure program is one of the many actions that the City is taking to implement the Energy Transition Strategy which moves Edmonton towards the goal of being an energy sustainable city.