Edmonton cannabis retailers licensed for edibles, extracts and topicals
October 17, 2019

Cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals will soon be legal for sale in Edmonton at licensed cannabis retail stores. The federal government of Canada begins accepting applications from manufacturers for the licensing and sale of these products nationally today.

The types of products available may include:
  • Cannabis edibles (candy, baked goods, beverages)
  • Cannabis extracts (for inhaling or ingesting)
  • Cannabis topicals (ointments, oils or makeup for applying to skin, hair or nails)

When the City of Edmonton first licensed cannabis retail stores in 2018 it made allowances for the anticipated sale of these new cannabis products under the same development permit and business licence. Licensed cannabis retailers in Edmonton will be able to sell these products as soon as they are legally available from manufacturers and distributed by Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC). 

It is anticipated that Health Canada will need approximately 60 days or more to process applications from licenced manufacturers wishing to produce and distribute cannabis edibles, extracts and topical products. Under this timeframe, these products may not be available in Edmonton until mid-December 2019 or early in the new year.

These new cannabis products will also be available across the province through Alberta’s existing retail system of online through AlbertaCannabis.org or at licensed cannabis retail stores. 

Federal regulations for cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals include restrictions on THC limits, labelling requirements and strict rules for plain, child-resistant packaging. More information on the regulations is available here.

Public consumption of cannabis in Edmonton is subject to the Public Places Bylaw (#14614). Edmontonians are reminded that the intoxicating effects of cannabis via ingestion of edibles or extracts can be markedly different from inhaling. Unlike inhaling, the intoxicating effects from cannabis after ingestion may be delayed by hours and may last significantly longer. Impaired driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Canada and drivers should never “consume and drive”.

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