Edmonton has a new rulebook for development for the first time in 60 years
October 24, 2023

After five years of dedicated work by the City of Edmonton, including engagement, technical studies and research, and five days of speakers, presentations, questions and discussions at Public Hearing, Edmonton City Council voted to adopt a new Zoning Bylaw. 

Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw (Charter Bylaw 20001) comprehensively replaces Zoning Bylaw 12800, which was first adopted in 2001. Although Zoning Bylaw 12800 was reviewed, updated and adopted in 2001, the last significant overhaul was completed in 1961, when Edmonton's population was 276,000. Today, Edmonton has grown to a population of more than one million and is on pace to reach 1.25 million by 2030. 

"This is a major step in the right direction to build a city that is affordable, sustainable and financially viable," said Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. "The new Zoning Bylaw will bring our policy in line with modern needs and pressures so we can prepare for a population of two million Edmontonians." 

The new Zoning Bylaw takes direction from The City Plan—Edmonton’s long-term vision for growth and development. Supporting more housing everywhere, increasing business opportunities and providing greater development flexibility will allow more people to live locally and access amenities that make Edmonton a great place to call home. It also moves Edmonton closer to The City Plan’s goal to be a healthy, urban, climate resilient and prosperous city of two million. 

“Over the course of four days we heard from students, environmental groups, community leagues, homeowners, local businesses and everyday Edmontonians—all who care deeply about their city and how it grows. Regardless of which side of the debate they were on, I’m enormously grateful to each of them for taking the time to share their feedback,” said Kim Petrin, Acting Deputy City Manager, Urban Planning and Economy. “City building is a long game — decisions made today will shape the neighbourhoods of tomorrow. This new Zoning Bylaw is a big step in the right direction.”

Engagement on the Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative dates back to 2018, during The City Plan’s development. Over the past five years, thousands of Edmontonians participated in online discussions, in-person meetings, surveys, webinars and workshops. The recent public hearing saw 295 people register to speak from a variety of neighbourhoods and represented different experiences and perspectives.

The new Zoning Bylaw will take effect starting January 1, 2024. The majority of properties will be rezoned to their closest equivalent zone in the new bylaw. Edmontonians can view their new zone online at gis.edmonton.ca/citywiderezoning.
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