Edmonton’s greatest questers find the Golden Key
September 14, 2019

At 9:15 a.m., September 14, a team of intrepid questers arrived at Victoria Park Pavilion, entered a secret combination and won a golden key along with their own key to the City: gift cards for City of Edmonton attractions and recreation centre worth $2,000. 

The Quest for the Golden Key was solved today by Hamad-E-Rabbee Abbasi, Charlene Peters and Giovanni Giampa, who were excited to be the winners of the weeklong contest held to celebrate the new Edmonton Commonwealth Walkway.

“This feels amazing and it was the first time we saw the whole Walkway," said Charlene Peters, a member of the winning team.

Players from throughout the Edmonton area were invited to join the contest, which hid combination numbers along the Walkway and gave out clues to their locations. 

“It was great to see people out there enjoying the trail, solving clues and spending time in the River Valley,” said contest organizer Gayleen Froese. “The contest may be over but the Walkway is still an exciting place to visit.”

The contest was based on the story of the original golden key, which was used to open the new Alberta Legislature building in 1912, but lost to history from that day forward.

The Edmonton Commonwealth Walkway, a 10 kilometre section of River Valley trail running from the 100 Street Funicular to Government House Park, officially opened on September 7, 2019. This walkway is part of a worldwide initiative that aims to connect the Commonwealth with a 1,000 km walkable path, linking 100 cities, permanently marking 2,000 points of significance and providing a practical opportunity for a third of the world’s population to be more active.
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