Electric buses make Edmonton a Canadian leader
August 23, 2018

Based on the completion of a competitive procurement process, the City of Edmonton’s transit fleet is set to become one of the first in Canada to add 25 electric buses now that a supplier has been awarded the contract.

The City utilized a Negotiated Request for Proposal (NRFP) approach, which included a Fairness Monitor who provided an independent third-party review to ensure a fair supplier evaluation and selection process.

Proterra, based in California, was selected as the proponent to enter into a contract with the City. Proterra will initially supply the City with two electric buses for infrastructure and charging verification, with plans to supply a total of 25 electric buses to be put into regular service in summer 2020.

“We’re excited to work with Proterra and be at the forefront of integrating electric buses and emerging technology into our existing fleet,” said Eddie Robar, Branch Manager of Edmonton Transit Service (ETS). “Proterra’s clean-running and quiet electric buses are winter compatible, have a range up to 400 kilometres and contribute to our shift toward more sustainable transportation, a low carbon city and high-quality transit service for Edmontonians.”

This news is also a big step forward for Proterra. "For our battery-electric buses to be selected to operate in one of the coldest major cities in North America is a significant milestone for Proterra and a testament to our advanced battery technology," said Matt Horton, Proterra's chief commercial officer. "We’re excited that our Catalyst vehicles have been chosen by ETS to provide clean, quiet transportation to the citizens of Edmonton and its surrounding communities.”

The City’s decision to purchase electric buses is supported by recent technological improvements, a strong commitment from Edmonton City Council and federal, provincial and municipal funding ($21.5 million, $10.8 million and $10.8 million respectively). In addition to new electric buses, a portion of this funding will be used for necessary charging and facility infrastructure at the new Kathleen Andrews Transit Garage.
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Note to editors: Recently announced provincial transit funding, $215 million over five years through the Alberta Community Transit (ACT) Fund, is separate from existing allocated funding. The ACT Fund will be available to municipalities, Métis Settlements and transit commissions and authorities across the province to invest in low and zero-emission transit vehicles.