Fire ban issued for Edmonton to slow intense outdoor fires
May 2, 2023

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) has issued a fire ban that prohibits open burning, fireworks, backyard fire pits and cooking stoves and BBQs that use fuels such as wood and briquettes. The ban will remain in effect until further notice.

“There is a heightened fire risk in natural areas in early spring and caution is absolutely necessary,” says David Lazenby, Acting Fire Chief. “Carelessly discarded smoking materials can have an especially devastating effect during these dry and windy conditions.”

The decision for a fire ban is based in part on the Fire Weather Index, which takes into account weather data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and precipitation, as well as the progressive green-up of vegetation which has yet to occur.

The City of Edmonton will emphasize compliance over enforcement. However, anyone who does not comply with the terms of the ban may be subject to fines or charges if the activity causes a safety issue. A resultant fine may also include costs for emergency services.

“The safety of Edmontonians is our number one priority, and we ask for your support,” says Lazenby. “The fire risk in Edmonton is manageable if everyone follows the proper precautions to ensure fire safety and prevention.”

As of April 30, Edmonton has seen 185 brush, grass, or wildland fires of varying sizes this year. Six of these fires have posed threats to nearby structures.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services will continue to monitor the Fire Weather Index rating in order to determine the necessary precautions required to keep Edmontonians safe.

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