Get ready for Arc; Edmonton region’s fare payment system welcomes more riders 
November 15, 2022

A more convenient and flexible way to pay for and take transit is coming to the City of Edmonton and its regional transit partners including Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, St. Albert, Spruce Grove and Strathcona County. Arc, the Edmonton region’s fare payment system, is ready to welcome Standard Adult riders on November 21.

Arc is an electronic fare payment system that enables riders to pay for transit when and how they use it. With Arc, riders can: 
  • Conveniently tap on and off buses and LRT without needing to carry exact change or paper tickets and passes.
  • Sign up, check their balance and add money to their Arc accounts anytime, anywhere, including online, by phone or on site at transit centres.
  • Load as little as $4 - or as much as they need - to their Arc accounts.
  • Pay for transit using credit and debit.
  • Avoid paying upfront for a monthly pass, while also experiencing the best fare possible through regional price caps. Price capping ensures that once riders reach a daily or monthly maximum amount, they can use transit for the rest of the day or month for free. 

“We’re very excited to expand the use of Arc to one of the largest fare groups in the region,” said Carrie Hotton-MacDonald, Branch Manager of Edmonton Transit Service. “This is an important milestone toward building a strong, integrated transit service that gives people a more modern, reliable and seamless way to travel around the greater Edmonton region.” 

The Standard Adult fare group represents general ridership with no eligibility requirements or discounted fare prices. This group now joins the UPass riders and Arc pilot participants who have been using Arc since August 2021. Riders over the age of 18 in Fort Saskatchewan and Leduc are expected to begin using Arc in 2023.

"Through Arc, we will be the first region in Canada to offer regional fare capping, ensuring riders travelling across regions will always get the best fare possible,” said Wade Coombs, Transit Director of Strathcona County Transit. “This will enhance regional mobility and reduce the financial barrier for riders who prefer not to pay for a pass upfront."

Arc will roll out to the discounted fare groups - including seniors, youth and individuals experiencing low income - and riders who use paratransit services in 2023. The phased approach is a way to ensure all transit riders in other fare groups get the proper support they need to feel comfortable and confident using Arc, and to secure remaining equipment. 

“People from all economic backgrounds and age groups are welcome to use Arc under the Standard Adult fare profile,” said Hotton-MacDonald. “But, we strongly encourage those who are eligible for discounted fares to wait until Arc is rolled out to discounted fare groups in 2023 to get the most benefit out of the system and to continue using paper fare products until then.”

Starting November 21 and until supplies last, outreach teams from the participating transit agencies will be handing out complimentary Arc cards to riders at various transit centres and LRT stations. Starting on the same date, Arc cards will be available for purchase at transit centres and LRT stations through Arc fare vending machines and at participating retailers. For a list of participating Arc retailers, visit

Starting immediately, Arc cards are also available for purchase online at and by phone at 1-888-302-0001.
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