It takes all of us to prevent family violence in Edmonton
November 1, 2017

Mayor Don Iveson proclaimed November Family Violence Prevention Month in Edmonton on November 1, 2017.

“Violence is never a solution,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “It’s critical we teach each other and the next generation that violence in any form harms an individual’s physical, social, mental and emotional well-being. All community members deserve to live their lives free from fear and violence.”

The theme for this year’s proclamation is: “ It takes all of us -- h ow men and boys are part of the solution to preventing family violence, and the steps they are taking to make a difference.” 

One of the event highlights included a keynote speech by Michael Cameron, Chief Executive Officer of Axiom Mortgage, who shared his personal experience of losing a loved one to domestic violence.

“Before the murder of my girlfriend, I had no idea the magnitude of this issue. It made me wonder how many other 'good men' were blind to it or have ignored it,” said Cameron. “I believe there are more good men out there than bad. If good men want to make a difference, we need to stand together and teach our peers, as well as the next generation of men, what respect really looks like.”

Family violence can include many different forms of physical and emotional abuse or neglect carried out by family members or intimate partners. In 2016 approximately one-third, just over 825, of all calls to the City of Edmonton’s Individual and Family Well-being team were related to family violence.

This year, the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers Safe Families program was recognized for the work it does to assist newcomers and their teenage sons settle in Edmonton. Participants work together to minimize difficulties which can lead to family violence.

Joseph Luri, Team Lead of the Safe Families program, said, "I am honoured to work with the men and boys in this program. They speak from the heart in sharing their understanding and experiences of violence, which makes this program unique. These men and boys have brought a continued commitment of participation and dialogue l have not seen before."

Family Violence Prevention Month began in Hinton as a grassroots initiative in 1986. Today, hundreds of communities and thousands of individuals in Alberta are involved in preventing family violence by providing public education and services.

A number of events for Family Violence Prevention month will take place across Edmonton and the province.

The City of Edmonton offers individual counselling and groups through Individual and Family Well-being. If you are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship and would like to speak to someone, call 780-496-4777.
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