Municipal challenges set for international startups
October 9, 2018

The City of Edmonton is looking to STIR things up a bit. 

As part of the Startup in Residence (STIR) program, the City has released three unique challenges that startups from Edmonton and around the world can apply to solve through technology.  

“We want to harness the creativity of the global startup community to help us tackle some of the challenges we face as a municipality,” says Norman Mendoza, Manager with Open City and Technology. “The Startup in Residence program also offers our innovative Edmonton-based startups the chance to partner with governments from around the world, which could spark new innovations across a number of different sectors in our city.”  

The City of Edmonton challenges include: 

  • A vandalism detection and prevention system for City-maintained structures in public spaces
  • A chatbot that would reduce 311 call volumes for routine information-base calls
  • A mobile app that would deliver information to users about the optimal blend of transportation options, including transit, vehicle for hire, car share, and/or cycling

The City of Edmonton is one of 31 government partners in North America in the Startup in Residence program. Since 2014, nearly 50 startups from around the world have provided technology solutions to cities, including San Francisco, Miami and Houston. Previous projects in the program included foster care application streamlining, smart sensors on trash cans, and volunteer engagement tools. Startups can go to to apply for one or more of the 90+ challenges posted by the Startup in Residence network of government partners.
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