New energy efficiency rebates unlock more savings in your home
January 22, 2019

The City of Edmonton has launched a top-up program that enables homeowners to receive an extra 20 per cent money back on home energy evaluations and retrofits through the new Home Energy Plan.

The Home Energy Plan program, offered by the City of Edmonton and Energy Efficiency Alberta, provides homeowners access to expert advice on energy efficiency and rebates on home retrofits.

“More than 1,250 Edmontonians have participated in the Change Homes for Climate programs so far,” said Robyn Webb, Senior Environmental Project Manager in the Energy Transition Unit. “With this new rebate program we hope even more Edmontonians will take advantage of these incentives to make their homes more energy efficient.”

Homeowners can receive $400 towards the cost of a Home Energy Evaluation. After the evaluation, homeowners are eligible to apply for even greater rebates on a wide range of home upgrades, including insulation, windows, furnaces and more.

Kick start your new year with a more energy efficiency home!
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